Isla Fisher looks a little skeptical on the cover of this month's Zink Magazine, but Hollywood isn't feeling that way about her talent. She cracked us up in Wedding Crashers and now that the world has fallen for her fiance's Borat, she's bigger than ever. This month she stars in The Lookout and she has four other films in the works with costars from Ryan Reynolds to Jim Carrey. Isla says that fiance Sacha Baron Cohen was actually the first person to suggest she do comedies. “I was so happy that he – the funniest guy in the world – thought I was funny,“ said Fisher.

She has pretty nice things to say about her man's most famous character as well: “There’s nothing sexier than a big handlebar moustache.” These two seem like a match made in comedy heaven and we're super curious to know if there's any truth to those pregnancy rumors so stay tuned!