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J Lo's No Diva

J Lo's No Diva

Now here's a super fabulous nice story about Jennifer Lopez. Apparently while filming with hubby Marc, they were seriously interrupting a wedding. Besides trucks and crowds blocking the place, a person on staff of the film even asked the bride to stop taking pictures. However, when Jennifer and Marc realized what was going on, they ordered all production be shut down immediately.

When the celebrity couple heard about the disruption they had caused, they immediately halted production and met with the duo to apologize, even agreeing to pose for pictures with the newlyweds.

Rosales (the bride) says, "Everyone apologized. I'm happy. I have a story to tell my kids."

At one point, Rosales' furious mother threatened to bring shooting to a standstill by standing on a street corner and screaming until the cast and crew made way for her daughter.

Here's a pic of the couple on set for their movie wedding day.


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