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Jake Scott Compares Kristen Stewart's Acting Like Wrangling a Herd of Cats 2010-10-13 12:00:00

Director Jake Scott Compares Kristen Stewart's Acting to "Wrangling a Herd of Cats" — Compliment or Cut Down?

Welcome to the Rileys comes out at the end of the month and Kristen Stewart kicked off her promotional tour with a stop off at The Tonight Show last Friday. Her director, Jake Scott, recently talked about working with the young actress and made some interesting word choices to describe working with Kristen. He said:

"She's very vulpine—very wolfish—and wily, kind of twitchy. Directing her is kind of like wrangling a herd of cats."

Kristen is famous for her mannerisms both in her real life and playing the body language of her Twilight character, Bella Swan. In WTTR she plays a teenage stripper, another character who can come off as uncomfortable in her own skin. Still, describing her as a "herd of cats" can be taken as a bit of a cut at her acting abilities. Kristen fans will have to wait until the film's release on Oct. 27 to see her "unpredictable" character but tell us, what do you think of Jake's comparison of Kristen's acting to "wrangling a herd of cats" — he meant it as a compliment or a cut down?

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Burkina Burkina 6 years
can't act **
Burkina Burkina 6 years
She act act. I still like her though, I just cant take her serious as an actress. SHe doesn't know how to change her mannerisms or body language based on a character. She is 'k stew' 24/7
Glamorme Glamorme 6 years
It's kinda funny, living in L.A. I meet tons and TONS of well spoken overconfident people who would give their right arm to land a serious acting gig and here is a young woman who is clearly a shy nervous wreck making major films, one after the other. I guess it saids something about her acting talent. You go girl!
crisk crisk 6 years
who read the interview you'll see that's a compliment to the talent of an actress Kristen is intense and profound .... Kristen is amazing
jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
it is whatever you all think it is...she looks pretty
crisk crisk 6 years
is a compliment, she is an amazing actress despite being so young. Kristen is on the right path has a lot of people love his work and I like many are anxious for their new movies!
Melly80 Melly80 6 years
popsugar you postwhore you
Vixen41686 Vixen41686 6 years
Oh may, people who say Kristen can't act because of Twilight, they SHOULD watch Into the Wild. It's unfortunate that Twilight is crap because of the screenwriter. If you have a good script you have a good movie. That's my opinion.
stephley stephley 6 years
Yeah, and there was still a good chance Twilight would crash & burn. :oy:
treasury treasury 6 years
@11 She wasn't the It girl when he hired her, Kristen finished this movie before Twilight was in theaters.
miamisurgeon miamisurgeon 6 years
Does it reguire too much effort on Popsugars part to post the entire article? Obviously it does because then we wouldn't be blessed with the articulate anonymous posters spewing hate at Kristen Stewart. In another interview Jake Scott says about directing James Gandolfini, "It's a bit like bear-taming" does this mean he is cutting and insulting Gandolfini's acting abilities as well?
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