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Binka Binka 9 years
I think that she is alot further along than she claims to be. I found out that I was a pregnant at the same age she did. I was about 100 pounds when i found out and i was about 5 month's. my bump didnt start to show until I was late in the 5th month, about to be in the 6th month. I think that she should just embrace it, and yeah, i dont see nothing wrong with her getting grounded, she needs to start becoming responsible real quick. she better get her s@#t together.
creepupmytee creepupmytee 9 years
GOSH. she's following in her sister's footsteps. AND her mom must be devastated to give birth to 2 trainwrecks. sigh!
nashia nashia 9 years
Yeah 16 is not too bad. Yeah its young for some people, but in other countries she would be married and probably pregnant with her 3rd or 4th child. Or she could be like my friend in high school, who was smart, mature for age. She wasnt ashamed for her pregnancy, no one said her mother and father(she had a 2 parent home with a lawyer for a mother and her father was some sort of engineer. Never left the hood)weren't there to watch her or they messed up and didn't raise her right. Instead they gave her the choice of keeping her baby or abortion. She chose to keep her baby. Her parents fought to keep her in our high school. In Miami I guess you have to go the pregnant teen school. Yeah it was awkward at first cause you know trying to get to your classes with a giant belly up and down stairs was hard, but she did it until the 8th month. All I'm saying is SHE made the decision to have sex, SHE should be held responsible for HER OWN actions not her parents. I am sure they did all they could with both of her girls. Just like every other parent does. Besides, she may already feel guilty without people saying she failed constantly. I mean seriously, i cannot stand it when people say a parent did not do enough to keep their kids of trouble. Yeah she's grounded cause she's still 16 and didn't follow the rules!! Who cares if she already pregnant. She is still under her mother's roof. GAWD!!!! Ok I'm done
Xena Xena 9 years
browneyedchica what part of Texas are you from?
Xena Xena 9 years
Mich elle have you ever been to Louisiana? It's not just mama Spears..just about all soccer type moms dress that way there. It's not that they are trying to dress like a 16 yr old, it's just that jeans and a sweatshirt has been the way to dress there for any age.
Xena Xena 9 years
But the licence at 16 you're right. ;)
Xena Xena 9 years
My daughter got her permit when she was 15 in Texas
mich-elle mich-elle 9 years
I wish Mama Spears would stop dressing like a 16 year old.
browneyedchica browneyedchica 9 years
Xena, in Texas it's 16.
browneyedchica browneyedchica 9 years
I'm sorry but anyone who is old enough to have sex, is old enough to have and take care of the child. Abortion isn't meant to be birth control.
sunnyheart sunnyheart 9 years
I think the funniest thing about all these posts are all these people saying "she should have not allowed sleepovers before she got pregnant!" Who said she did!? I'm sure Jamie Lynn had sex the same time every other teenager does: between 3 and 6 before their parents get home from work! I feel bad for Lynn. What's the woman supposed to do, put the condom on for Casey?? She can only do so much.
Xena Xena 9 years
Liss where do you live? I've never heard of having to be 17 to get a driver's licence. In Kansas you only have to be 14, in most places it's 15. In Louisiana I'm sure it's 15.
Mykie7 Mykie7 9 years
AND OMG! If I needed any proof to my above statement, check out the following article found on "" They're DEFENDING this kid??!?!?!?!?!!? FEBRUARY 21--The parents of an Ohio boy who was expelled this month for creating a phony MySpace profile that described his middle school's principal as a child molester have filed a federal lawsuit claiming that the 13-year-old's free speech rights have been violated by education officials. Toader and Marianna Osan claim that their son (who is identified only by his initials in U.S. District Court filings) was improperly booted from the eighth grade at Hillside Middle School in Parma after educators learned of the boy's creation of a MySpace page for principal Jeff Cook. The MySpace profile, which was headlined "Your Princeypal," did not carry Cook's name, but it included his photo and identified him as the Hillside Middle School principal. The since-removed profile, an excerpt of which you'll find below, listed Cook's general interests as "giving students anal" and "jacking off in my office," and named his heroes as Michael Jackson, Adolph Hitler, and Saddam Hussein. For his vulgar online handiwork, "M.O." was first suspended, and then, on February 7, was informed that he was being expelled (for "malicious harassment") until June 10, effectively the end of the school year, according to a court filing. His parents argue that students "disrespecting teachers outside of school is an age-old tradition, and one from which teachers neither need nor deserve protection...It would be naive to think that even the most popular principal is not the subject of student ridicule and parody." The Osans are seeking their son's immediate return to school and a judicial order protecting his off-campus speech, which previously included the observation that Cook had an affinity for the Purple Penetrator, a sex toy. (6 pages)
jaxon jaxon 9 years
Xcept for going out in public rule (why the shyness now?) I think it was totally justified her rules and punishments. A little late but you know what they say!!
Mykie7 Mykie7 9 years
And while people are bringing this up, I should say too that I had a friend that got Pregnant at 16, our Junior year in High school. That was 1988. Today, she is married to that baby's father and they have 10 children. Yes, I said 10 and no it's not a typo. Just because someone gets pregnant at 16 does NOT mean they won't make it. If they have a family and friends that support and love them it can and many times IS done. It's not ideal of course, but it depends as much on the family surrounding the teen as it does on the teen themselves. I also think that kids are not made to take responsibility for their actions these days. My biggest ire at the world right now is that "If you don't like it make it go away" this is where Abortion fits in. Whatever happened to adoption? I myself am adopted. Imagine if my Mother had aborted me instead? My two beautiful boys wouldn't be here. My Adopted Mother would have been deprived of a child she desperately wanted. My birth Mother did a grand and noble thing by putting me up for adoption instead of taking the easy way out and getting an abortion. MAKE KIDS TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! If they get caught drinking and driving, put them in jail. If they get pregnant at 16, put the baby up for adoption. If they get involved in drugs, make them face the consequences. Too many of our problems these days are because kids just "get out" of thigns because parents want to make their lives "easy" for them. To hell with easy! HOw are they ever going to learn if we keep cleaning up after them! Okay, I'm off my soap box now. :)
Mykie7 Mykie7 9 years
"I know I'm probably going to catch sh*t for saying this, but...16 year old children shouldn't be having children. She should have gotten an abortion. Her mother should have forced it. Really a shame. She may have money to care for it, but she is just 16." Remember that this family purports to be very Christian, and you KNOW that that would go against the grain of what they believe. They may have chosen not to do it in case people found out, but whatever the reason, I'm sure it wasn't even an option for them. I'm NOT a supporter of abortion, except in cases of incest, rape, or the mothers life, but I would never EVER give someone else crap because they DO believe in it.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
POP, please dont start a baby bump watch on this unwed pregnant teen, Its glorifying her situation, and Its tacky for you to spotlight her at all.
mayeb63 mayeb63 9 years
I don't think it's EVER too late to try to save your kids. After what Lynn has witnessed over the last month in LA with Britney, I would do the exact same thing. Yes, she has screwed up with both of her daughters, but she can't just throw in the towel and let Jamie Lynn do whatever she wants/whenever she wants. Like Mykie7 said, the girl is only 16 years old. Being pregnant doesn't make you an adult. Wish it did. One more thing, has anyone noticed what magazine is reporting this? This is the same magazine who reported a couple of weeks ago that Jennifer Anniston was pregnant with Brad's baby. Enough said?
Martini-Rossi Martini-Rossi 9 years
Pregnant or not she still 16. It’s never too late to start disciplining your kid. Sure she’s going to be a mom but that doesn’t automatically make her responsible (ha!) or capable for being a mom. JL needs strict rules in her life and Jaime really needs to start taking care of her children. Honestly, no one could’ve ever predicted BS turning into a loony toon. So you never know.
Liss1 Liss1 9 years
She should have stopped the sleep overs before she got pregnant not after. Is she even old enough to drive? Where i live you have to be 16 1/2 to get your learners permit and 17 to get your license.
Nyrina-Windu Nyrina-Windu 9 years
Why is mamma Spears just now trying to play the mother bit? She should have been doing that when they were first concieved. And now that their lives are almost totally gone she wants to get involved. They are too old to listen to her now. Her girls are too wild for words sometimes, especially Britney.
carmelonia carmelonia 9 years
Again, I think it's too late to protect Jaime. I find it amusing how she responded that she had, "No idea how this happened," to OK magazine. Wake up, girl, you had SEX! Momma Spears, grounding your baby girl isn't going to do squat. Why CAN'T the father of their pending child spend the night? Regardless of whether or not the engage in any more sexual antics, now that they are both going to be parents, unless one of them has an STD it's kind of too late, just like everyone else posted. Also, not that J is a prime example of a wonderful teen, but still 16 is WAY too old to have a babysitter, even if one did get knocked up. I do think she should have a bodyguard when out in public, but that's just because of the fame deal.
scully22 scully22 9 years
SL56 - to respond to your comment: I don't think the a 16 year old should be allowed to spend several days by herself unattended. I'm not talking a babysitter, I'm talkking about a responsible adult to supervise.
bugsbrat bugsbrat 9 years
bugsbrat bugsbrat 9 years
she doesn't know what's coming... :faint:
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