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jennalah jennalah 9 years
wow just wow
lacree lacree 9 years
i am just ashamed of her mother. but i also wanted to say is that don't we all make mistakes. i mean we all make them. but i also want to say is that i can't believe you bitch. you slut how could you.
Mommymayi Mommymayi 9 years
I am 29 yr old mother of (3). There is no way at 16 Jamie Lynn is ready to be a mother. I'm still not ready. Yes, you do learn alot as you go, but lets face it at 16, your so up in the air about everything. No way can she make this type of decision and comprehend the LIFE altering actions of keeping this baby. No, I could never have given up one of my children. But after the ultrasound I didn't say (I saw IT and knew everything would be okay). Now had she said baby, maybe.
lacree lacree 9 years
i am so sorry. i trully do feel bad. but then again you did have sex and you know that there are responsibilitys to having sex. but i feel for you.
lacree lacree 9 years
i don't know i mean she seems that she is trying to do the right thing. but i mean still at 16. i totaly agree with bingkaycoy. i mean what kind of thing are you telling teens. i mean i know people that look up to her and now they have lost hope in her. i mean she seemed like the responsibly one. but at least she is not getting an abourtion. thank god. i mean that is the worst thing in the world, plus i think that she is going to be ok. plus she does not seem to be like her sister.well ok mabye i am going a little crazy. i mean she is 16.
bingkaycoy bingkaycoy 9 years
This is not a a domino effect. Of course, Britney conveyed the most negative image to us and to her younger that this 16 year old girl is pregnant---what kind of message does the whole of America give to teenage girls? One note, she really looks and dresses like she's 30...well, it seems that she's kinda asking for it too.
lacree lacree 9 years
i am glad that she is trying to do the right thing though. i really do think that she is going to be a good mother. but i mean at 16. that is a lillte young. kids do stuff so much earlier these days. i mean there are kids that are doing drugs at the age of 12. i mean it is very shocking to know that that could be your kid getting pregnant or doing drugs or whatever.
lacree lacree 9 years
well i really do feel sorry for her i mean she is 16 and she is pregnant. well it is not all her fault. i mean it is also the boy friends problem about it to. i just can't believe it, she seemed like such a good girl. well i do understand it a little. i mean people always say " ahh. she is so good. you must be so proud of her." i mean that gets on my nerves too. one time i was just sick of every thing that people where saying so i stared to do really bad stuff and i then relized that that was not the person that i wanted to be. i just had a lot of pressure to do so good that it just got to much for me to handle. i mean trying to do the righ thing 24/7 is really hard. i mean knowing that if you make one mistake then that is it. and well i guesse that that all just got to her. i am really sorry for her. she had such a great future ahead of her. well i am sure that people will still watch her show. that is untill she starts to show and then she will have to hold off for a while. well i wish you luck jamie and i hope you are ok. and merry christmas.
lacree lacree 9 years
didn't she learn not to have sex with out birth control pills? I mean come on after her sister. didn't she see what happened? now i just hope that she does not turn out like her sister. i really did have hope for her. but then again it is the spears family. the are all scrued up. i am glad that she is trining to do the right thing thought. i still am in shock. i feel so sorry for her. i mean 16 and pregnant. WOW.
carmelonia carmelonia 9 years
Heh. She met him at church. :) I agree that parents need to talk to their kids about sex, but some parents WON'T. Or won't discuss realistic alternatives to abstinence, et cetera. As uninformed as our generation is, our parents generation was even more clueless. Some mothers still think having and orgasm is wrong and teaching kids about safe sex is demonic. There needs to be public education in place to fill the gaps that clueless or ultraconservative parents leave behind. It's like the parents who homeschool their kids but don't believe in evolution so they don't teach it. And when their kid wants to be come a biologist or a paleontologist(sp?) they are put at a HUGE disadvantage because of their parent's bias/religious beliefs. How much do you want to bet the church where JL met her baby daddy was WAY against teaching safe sex?
lacree lacree 9 years
i totaly agree with you bolangirl. i mean we all know that they have money but it is not going to last forever.
lacree lacree 9 years
i am so sorry that she has a mother that would do such a thing. i also want to say is that is it impossible for people to wear a condam. i mean come on. you could have at least been smart enough to wear one. but besides that i also wish that you are a better mother than your big sis. i acully had a lot of hope for her, i though that she was going to be the one i the family that was not messed up. well i guese that that is over. i mean she ruined her life. i just feel so sorry for her.
bolangirl bolangirl 9 years
even as bad as the economy over here is, she makes more than enough to afford condoms and birthcontrol pills. i just hope that a trend doesnt start...16 and pregnant. hopefully she will get all the support she needs, its going to be rough even if she has money, she is very young and its going to be rough for her, hopefully she will be a good mother.
justagurl05 justagurl05 9 years
oh big woop. there are plenty of horny, uneducated, irresponsible 16 year-old girls out there who are pregnant as well. does it really come as a surprise? i mean, she is britney's sister. sucks that she's so young, but at least she is taking responsibility for her actions.
Jenny19 Jenny19 9 years
omg why are u guys bein so childish about this! Like she said at least shes taking responsiblity for her actions and keeping the baby! Shes not the only 16 year old having sex you know, and at least its with her boyfriend and not just some randomer off the street, and at least shes keeping the baby unlike most teenagers who have abortions.
soccer_obsessed soccer_obsessed 9 years
OH MY I'M NOT SURPRISED BUT STILL SHE IS 16 DID HER PARENTS TEACH HER NO VALUES wait no they didn't its the spears family
creepupmytee creepupmytee 9 years
I don't know what the hell everyone in the Spears family is doing. or what can they NOT do, for money.
Lizabelle Lizabelle 9 years
She had to of known, she was just worried it was not confirmed yet.
jane34344 jane34344 9 years
her mom is a psycho for humiliating her daughter by allowing for that ok interview! why would you do that to your daughter- just for money. what a sick sick mother! this family makes me sick and its so sad!
lula29 lula29 9 years
I agree with Spitfire 100%. I doubt Jamie Lynn was keeping up on the birth control. I have a friend who's queen of the comment "I got pregnant while on the pill", but I know her and her habits and how, yes she was techinically on the pill, but never as consistent as she should have been. Condoms should have been used as well. This is Sex Ed 101. Jamie Lynn seems to come from an unstable, irresponsible family so it's not unbelievable that she's just as irresponsible and I blame her parents as well. They raised two very irresponsible daughters.
scourtneyex scourtneyex 9 years
i'm going to have to agree with the thoughts on posting jamie lynn baby bump pics here. reporting and glorifying are two completely different things do not support teenage prenancy please
tabloidprincess tabloidprincess 9 years
I cant believe it. Oh well. She will be a better mother than Britney.
Leolina Leolina 9 years
Yuck! that's all I can say!
Lizmatic Lizmatic 9 years
Well, she won't be the first teenager to get pregnant and although this is shocking, it's not going to ruin her life. I mean, she isn't going to have to struggle to make ends meet and she is going to have help raising the baby so... it's just a little sad. She is going to miss out on a lot.
laluna27 laluna27 9 years
Thats really sad - obviously these girls' parents are no where to be seen. You'd think Jamie would be a little more careful after seeing her sister's mess.
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