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spitfire2 spitfire2 9 years
I know, I read on other blog sites where just about 3 out of 5 comments are saying how miserable he looks..Usually where there's smoke there's fire..and I definitely see smoke. I hope all is well, but it's just getting harder and harder to believe all is well in the Affleck household. :(
Bonfire Bonfire 9 years
Spitfire, I am afraid your prediction might be right on. I do not see these two lasting. And if I blame Ben 100%. Also, that's right- I was reacting to many different sets of pictures of this couple over the last year, not just this set when they are not even together. Jennifer does not seem happy at all. She is such a good mom too. Why is Ben never taking Violet anywhere? And Ben-to be REALLY bad- I hope he's not drinking again. I would not be surprised at all- he is that miserable looking.
backfat backfat 9 years
These folks are my favorite family. Seriously.
Nyrina-Windu Nyrina-Windu 9 years
I agree.
ladybugrenee ladybugrenee 9 years
a BEAUTIFUL family!
spitfire2 spitfire2 9 years
Melissa Rae My opinion (as I'm sure other others that are commenting on the same thing) has come from almost EVERY picture I've seen of these two people in the last 7 months, not from 2 pictures, comeon. I've seen people who have just met act more attracted to each other than Ben/Jen.
Melissa-Rae Melissa-Rae 9 years
Wow. An awful lot of assumptions from pictures taken at two totally different times and in two totally different situations. Would you be super happy if you were leaving the gym and had a camera shoved in your face? I certainly wouldn't.
Libragirl Libragirl 9 years
I seriously think there is something going on in their relationship. They both look miserable. They're never together. I do believe they rushed into their relationship too quickly. I remember they were dating and next thing you know Ms. Garner was already pregnant and shortly after, they tied the Knot while she was Preggers. It seemed like a shot gun wedding. Just a little to think about.
spitfire2 spitfire2 9 years
Bonfire I've been saying for a while that their attraction to each other is just NOT there. I bet they will NOT be together in 2 yrs. They just don't seem to click..the smile has gone from both of their faces and he always looks MISERABLE! The only time he cracks a smile is when he's with Matt Damon or one of his other buddies.
ariyana_anthony ariyana_anthony 9 years
uh didnt know we have some kinda experts here who live with Blahaflecks and know the details of how they love eachother!!!and how low it was when someone compared them with shitney :Rotfl: tomcat can out do them ANYDAY! btw some people got golden points like: maja83,lula29 and sugarbubbles
Dollylo Dollylo 9 years
Too cute! :love:
lala89 lala89 9 years
jeez people! keep it light! i just have to say that violet is pretty much the cutest child ever. period.
SugarBubbles SugarBubbles 9 years
Private or not? Millions of couples get photographed without batting an eyelash. Obviously hyperventilating at every photo op has got to be tiring after a while for them. Ben and Jen need to get over it. They are parents now. They are not sex symbols. Pose for the world all you want or appear frigid to the world. Nobody cares. I think all this fuss about their privacy is silly. People don't fantasize about parents so they can let their hair down and get over their big bad selves. They aren't 21 anymore, they are 35 soon going on 36. Love em personally but at some point you start thinking that this is getting a bit "overkill" with respect to their desire to protect their so called privacy. Judging by the circles under her eyes, she has had one long hard cry the night before. I think Jen thought she was going to be able to "domesticate" Ben with her perfectly amazing self. Silly girl. Leopards never change their spots but some people choose to learn the hard way. He'll have a new trophy wife in no time. Fresher younger version of Jen within two years. Maybe Jen should have thought twice about cheating with Ben on the DareDevil set behind her husband's back in that sweet little trailer but mind you that is just heresay from the people here in LA. P.S. She really needs to stop pumping up the lower lip. It's starting to look abnormally big.
Maja83 Maja83 9 years
Hey you guys I am not a body-lang. expert or anything but Ben and Jen seem to go their separate ways. If you pay close attention to Jen's left hand there is no WB on her finger. She has only one ring flashing on her right hand. Ben seems to keep his left hand in his left pocket while his right one is out on the other two pictures. I hope their marriage is not in a major trouble. They are just adorable together and little Vi-Vi deserves a happy home!
robinesque robinesque 9 years
Bonfire Bonfire 9 years
Le Etiana- you point is true and reasonable. Yet still, something doesn't seem right between these two lately. Ben just seems downright miserable too. Jennifer and Violet are so cute though! I had a pang of guilt when I saw these pictures because they remind me of spending time with my three year old son doing things like that. We just had a new baby which is great, but I haven't figured out yet how to balance everything so I feel like I haven't been spending any quality one on one time with my boy anymore!
mhoang mhoang 9 years
Cutest bow ever.
lula29 lula29 9 years
No not really. There are tons of couples who are pretty low profile, but you always see together. Fans have a right to like who they like though.
demeter demeter 9 years
Aw I love them! :D
PinkNC PinkNC 9 years
They are always out and about together.
outofhere outofhere 9 years
Hi lula29, I can think of a lot of couples who are very public with their relationship who seem very close and happy. However they don't value their privacy as much as Jen and Ben. If you're in the public eye with your relationships it means you're going to have to suffer with the public knowing a lot more about your life than you may want. I also think some of these couples stage their outings on a regular basis and feel comfortable doing so. Jen and Ben just don't buy into that, they don't even walk the red carpet together for reasons Jen has explained. I'd love to see them together more often but it's their personal choice. What I "don't" think is because they aren't seen a lot together doesn't mean they aren't close, happy or loving towards one another. In their own way they're trying to maintain their privacy and yes the integrity of their relationship. There is a difference between being seen in public as a couple but trying to remain private as much as possible and selling and staging your life as a couple. Ben and Jen are an example of a couple that keep their lives very private. Tom & Katie - over the top exposure that has led to a loss of integrity in my opinion. Britney, Lohan, Paris, all examples of people who sell-out their private lives and have no integrity whatsoever. Hope that explains better where I was coming from.
lula29 lula29 9 years
So anyone in together in the public eye doesn't value their relationship? That cancels out a ton of couples you know.
outofhere outofhere 9 years
Too cute! Violet would rather eat her bagel than put the pedal to the medal *lol* Ariyana, the picture of Ben was taken at an entirely different time, he wasn't with Jen and Violet. It's always been very obvious that Jen and Ben do not cater to the press or public when it comes to their personal relationship, they consider that private and not for sale. Jillness said it perfectly "When people value something, they try to maintain the privacy and integrity of it. When people sell their private lives, that is when you know it is fake."
febe febe 9 years
i was wondering for a long time, why are they in ny. then it struck me that jen is on broadway.
Libragirl Libragirl 9 years
Its true, Ben is always walking alone and looking miserable, his wife is always with Violet and the family is never seen together. It strikes me pretty odd.
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