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abcdef-ghijkl abcdef-ghijkl 5 years
good for jen to show her abs to prove she is not prego. what a sensible comment w/o trying to be a saint. so natural altho still want to see her as a bio mother (don't like adoption myself). sure will be a great mother. she has proven that by being indifferent to her mother, gaining weight and out of spotlite.
loser60 loser60 5 years
Mparker - can you just say ick? SHe is as bad as that trashy boyfriend - he is in the ny mag showing his pubes -YUCK - she has really fallen on desperate times - she is more of a joke than ever
Mparker11 Mparker11 5 years
dear perfection2011 Jennifer aniston is 43 and she just turned that on the 11th of february. She is not old. Sorry but jenifer lopez is not in the same class as Jennifer aniston in my opinion. Now lopez in my opinion need to dress a little more sometimes respectful because she has children and she is some body's mother. especially when she wear those skin tight jump suits..all the times.most of the time jennifer dresses with respect.. So according to you most of the female celebrities don't have respect and dignity because they all show some type of skin. by the way Jennifer has earned it. Oh yes I forgot maybe you are perfect that is why your name is perfection.No one is perfect but god.
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 5 years
@Mparker11 I guess you are right - she probably thinks she is jennifer LOPEZ not aniston - she is too old to be doing this - appears a fool - oh her body rocks photo shopped or not she has a good bod for 45 - but seriously she is not some young starlet - if you want dignity and respect you have to earn it
Mparker11 Mparker11 5 years
That is your opinion but if you had to tell everyone in hollywood to cover up you would run out of words. I don't think she is showing too much. in fact it is the same look of a halter top or a bikini bathing suit. and in case you didnot know they are calling the forties the new 3oth's today and the new fifty's is the new 4oth's. Jennifer is turning back the hands of times. she is still young in her forties. Even you have to age. But in my opinion age is just a number and it how you look and feel that matters. There is one thing I detest a person who cannot tell the truth. Truth be told Jennifer looks youngr than most 20 year olds
Mparker11 Mparker11 5 years
my reply do make sense.Let me spell it out for you. Most jealous women like you are not going to give a women the credit that she deserve. most men will because women are more sexier to men than women. so when a group of men say you are who are we to believe you or the group of men. i think she is sexy because I believe in giving people the credit that they deserve. How do you know she is dull do you personally know her.Your answer is no. so you are the crazy one.but I can see how sexy she is in her pictures. As far as being dull speak for your self. now I hope you can make some sense out of that.
kgirl123 kgirl123 5 years
Agree with the not sexy comments. She is the least sexy person ever, too much All America Cutie look. But actually an aging All American not so cutie anymore. Gain some class and cover up a bit
jenwils jenwils 5 years
@Mparker11 Your comment doesn't even make sense. "now they where men." ? But you're crazy so it makes sense that you think she is the sexiest celeb of all time. She's DULLLLLL.
Guest26 Guest26 5 years
Fun photo shoot and I love these two together. Jen is gorgeous as always. Can't wait to see her talk show interviews next week for Wanderlust. And I hope she and Justin walk the red carpet together for the premiere.
Mparker11 Mparker11 5 years
@jenwils You must be kidding she is the sexiest celebrity of all times. Didn't you read the article in the men health magazine. now they where men. i don't expect you to feel the same way because women are so jealous of each other.
Mparker11 Mparker11 5 years
you are so right because she has the most gorgeous legs in hollywood
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
you act like she's the art director on the shoot, learn a little about how it works....they ask, she answers (starting to lighten up on frick and frack as well with the same mundane "marriage" stories) so just get used to it...if she said "I don't want to talk about marriage" you'd say she's bitter so whatever...I will say that they made her normally gorgeous legs look like she's rocking cankles (we know that isn't so)
Mparker11 Mparker11 5 years
You must be a nun. she looks hot just like the rest of hollywood. She is a celebrity you know and she looks great.I say if you got it flaunt it. don't you wish you could.
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 5 years
@Mparker11 um okay you win
Mparker11 Mparker11 5 years
Excuse me she didnot bring up her marriage. she is talking about marriage in general. At least she is not bad mouthing anyone so please give jen some credit.why feel sorry aleast she hasnot adopt a football team to drag from place to place just to make herself look like a humanitarium.
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 5 years
Once again she has to bring up her marriage - the only card she has - and no she will never be sexy - remember she thinks she's 20 something but no you are in your 40's wearing a bra - desparado and a month or two ago she was talking about how she would never wear extensions again -hypocrite Do feel sorry for her that she has to cont face the baby rumors - whether she wants one or not - that has to suck to have ppl always speculating and talking about it- it is her choice and decision
jenwils jenwils 5 years
She's pretty but she somehow is never sexy.
Stacie2267874 Stacie2267874 5 years
she is beautiful!!
roseheart roseheart 5 years
why is she always going with the trashy look?
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