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The Royals
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loser60 loser60 4 years
after thought - isn't that bottled water Fiji? Oops - can't even keep her bottled water straight
loser60 loser60 4 years
Well her latest endeavor - gosh her pr team is quick - is doing promos for gun control while her freaky/icky boyfriend wears a big gun around his neck. Does he fashion himself as some gangster? What a joke. People are having vacations all over the place - true - most of them aren't on the first floor balcony with a low wall that anyone can see in and take phototos. Takes all kinds. To me it just seems like a sad Christmas - just the two of them. Bikinis and martinis - The other couples arrived after xmas. Love John though - he was hilarious in "It's Complicated" and his new flick Promised Land looks great.
kurniakasih kurniakasih 4 years
I'm not a fan of her, but I've seen her do some promotional work for St. Jude's hospital, mizzlinz. And I've read about her doing some charity work in the past. Am I jealous she gets to lounge in the sun? Seeing that I'm freezing my ass right now, heck yes LOL. Physique-wise, she's very good looking for a woman in her 40s. I wish to have that type of bod when I reach that age too.
mizzlinz mizzlinz 4 years
@justgossip - True, but you also see some of those people doing a lot of other charitable work much of their time too. I'm starting to feel like we only see Jen shopping or tanning.
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 4 years
and the defense rests - hear hear your honor
JustGossip JustGossip 4 years
She's doing what millions of people who can afford it are doing right now. Lying on the beach in Mexico, St. Barths, a private island somewhere. If you ask people what they would do if they had a lot of money and it's always, buy a fancy house, travel, pamper myself. Why are people being so judgmental? She's doing what ALL of us would do if we had the money. Lots of people pretended to be all high minded and then threaten to sue anyone who published photos of them leaving a spa. Props to Aniston for not being ashamed about that or pretending she doesn't do this sort of thing. Meanwhile, Channing Tatum, George Clooney, P. Diddy and Brangelina are all doing the SAME EXACT THING, lounging around on a beach somewhere.
Beloved2 Beloved2 4 years
Looks like JA could be pregnant in picture 26..
mizzlinz mizzlinz 4 years
I love her but sometimes it seems like she is a little too obsessed with being tan and her looks...
dandd dandd 4 years
My god, Jennifer get out of the sun, that is too tanned already!
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