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Freyda Freyda 4 years
 @lucy1020    LOL!!!!!!!!!
lucy1020 lucy1020 4 years
Always love pics of Jen. And I can see the haters are in full force. LOL Jen must be doing something right. People that don't care for her would not bother to even read much less comment about her but people that truly hates the fact that Jen is successful and famous will always vomit their hate on these websites. Yeah Jennifer's fame must be a thread. Love it!!!!
loser60 loser60 4 years
ha ha so true -be warned it is also timed stamped when you are online - really don't take it personally - so scary how you are so into this has been
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 4 years
 @JustGossip  @jb5567 I don't think they like you be so critical of people "trolling" their website - specially when you are on it day and night - they like people "trolling" their site - that' the whole point of having a site
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 4 years
Someone is calling sick tomorrow to that cubicle - someone has been up all night - imagine!! peace out
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 4 years
01:40 - someone is still trolling  - lmao
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 4 years
 @JustGossip  @Freyda "Sad little troll"  You said goodnight 3 hours ago but were just on here less than 10 minutes ago.  You are really sad - I truly am sorry for you
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 4 years
 @loser60  @JustGossip  @Freyda Oh she is still on here at 1am - hypocrite
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 4 years
Just Gossip:   Gosh so much activity here today. Police officer, dispatcher, EMT, Pharmacist, House Doc, RN, janitor, bartender, club mgr, hooker,  exotic dancer, rock star, a, waitress, cab driver,  limo driver, pilot, stewardess, hostess, hotel mgr, front desk clerk, newscaster,  producer , sports caster, tattoo artist,  movie theater employee, Opera Singer, etc etc take your pick -  One of them is what I do since you are so concerned about people being up late.   Need I go on!!!! Not everyone works in a some boring cubicle and eats white bread everyday.  Why in the heck are you acting so crazy about the times people post and why are you so concerned?  I did what someone else said below and there you were  - on here less than 10  minutes ago - so much for going to sleep.  Just don't be a hypocrite - here you are trolling the web after 01:00 at night. Horrors!!!  Stop stalking everyone.
loser60 loser60 4 years
 @JustGossip  @FreydaBecause you are so annoying and such a hypocrite I thought I  would let you know  u can also click on the profile and it wll tell when you were last online- funny someone didn't go nighty night but is still  up trolling the internet.  Interestng
loser60 loser60 4 years
 @JustGossip What conspiracy?  I said she was too old to play a hooker and another bad comedy.  Are you schizophrenic? 
loser60 loser60 4 years
OMG - your post are too long and insane to read all of  them but you appear unstable - why in theworld are you stalking everyone and so concerned abot the times they post?  No life?  Some ppl work nights - some ppl stay up late or get home late.  Some work 3-11 etc etc.  Please get some help and quit obsessing about this actress - you are critizing people and appear  to spend a lot of time yoursel "trolling" the internet for all your "facts"  maybe they are deleting your posts because you are unhinged.  Stop stalking everyone -it is so creepy
JustGossip JustGossip 4 years
 @Freyda You are absolutely hilarious!!!! You've been posting ALL DAY so wherever you are (probably in the US) you still posted one or several comments in the middle of the night. 20 hours ago, 10 hours ago, your posts pretty much cover middle of the night in Asia and Europe too.  LOL. You've been caught. Accept it and move on.    As for the charity thing, most celebrities don't talk about this sort of thing in interviews.  Johnny Depp never talks about charity either and neither do most people in Hollywood. They are on these shows to do a little banter, plug the film and move on.  They are there to promote their work, not their fake selflessness. Aniston is doing exactly what 99% of Hollywood does when they give interviews.    As for Brad and Angelina keeping most of their charity to themselves, what drugs are you on? The same one the birthers smoke? There are well over a 100 press releases that dispute your claims, not to mention the half dosen press conferences just in the week before Shiloh was born. And there are many, many interviews where Jolie brags about giving a third of her income to charity so the idea that they are low key is completely ridiculous. Luckily, they have FINALLY toned it down in the last year because people were starting to get turned off by their constant self-righteousness. Besides, now they have an engagement to exploit. Making the jeweler available for dozens of interviews when everyone else around the has to sign confidentiality agreements. How very Kardashian of them. LOL.    But make up whatever reality you want with respect to their charity. I choose to believe the New Yorker article from a few months ago appropriately titled "Looking Good". The entire article is about the dubiousness of celebrity philanthropy and there are several paragraphs devoted to Brad and Angelina. Jolie's management team staged her first orphanage photo-ops in Cambodia because she needed an image make-over. At that point people thought she was too crazy to hire so she was having trouble getting work. Brad didn't get charitable until he got caught on the beach in Africa having that relationship he spent God knows how long lying about. The New Yorker is not some tablod. It's one of the most respected magazines in the world. And certainly more informed than some sad little troll who spend all hours of the night on Popsugar.    Keep smoking whatever it is you are smoking and keep trolling around on these websites in the middle of the night. Trying to get some sense into you is like hoping the birthers will wake up one day and face reality. You are a lost cause. I'm off to bed now. Happy posting. LOL.     
Freyda Freyda 4 years
 @JustGossip  @loser60 I very much doubt I was in your "country" dearie when I posted "Oy vey" . No pretense involved.    I can't believe a Jen fan could ask such a question. Haven't you ever read one of Aniston's interviews or seen her on television. All she is capable of talking about is herself, her dogs, her boyfriends or possibly ridicule of others. That is self-absorption.   And anyone who thinks accountants are making everyone in Hollywood give away 10% of what they have isn't to be treated as credible. If your smears were true then why haven't Ang and Brad announced their $2 million + each in the last 20 years? They keep quite a bit of what they do to themselves. Most of what anyone has ever heard about is from the money in their foundation which was made possible from the sale of the photos of baby Shiloh, Vivi and Knox and the photos of Pax when he was adopted. They have rarely referenced their individual private giving. in the last 7 years? LOL!!! Ang does so much good if you were informed of it all she would be holding a press confernece a couple of times every week. 
JustGossip JustGossip 4 years
 @Freyda  @loser60 Freyda, please be advised comments now come with time stamps. Your Oy Vey comment was posted 19 hours ago which means you posted some time between midnight and 3AM depending on part of the country you live in. Nice try pretending you didn't though. LOL .   And by the way, what makes Aniston self absorbed? The fact that she doesn't issue press releases EVERY time she does something nice for someone? Every person in Hollywood gives at least 10% of their income to charity every year because their accountants tell them to. That means Aniston gives away at least $2 million a year. People like Brad and Angelina try to pretend this tax write -off is a giant act of selflessness, but most celebrities keep it to themselves. 
Freyda Freyda 4 years
 @JustGossip  @loser60    LOL!! Criticizing a self-absorbed celebrity isn't "hate" and who posted at 3 a.m.? i know I didn't !
JustGossip JustGossip 4 years
 @loser60 Actually quite a few of my comments have disappeared from here. But, you're right it is just a website. Which makes me wonder why some of you people hang out here in the middle of the night spewing hateful comments about someone who has no effect on your lives.  And always with the conspiracy theories. You people are like the birthers. There's no reason for her PR team to do anything today. It's just a photo of her at work. PopSugar posts it because they know the crazies will show up here in the middle of the night to obsess. They count on the clicks and comments to make money and they make way more money off Aniston than they do off a lot of other celebs. Aren't there better things to do at 3AM? You treat Aniston's existence like a personal affront to humanity or something. While she's not my sister, she's not evil either so stop acting like she just ran over a bunch of puppies. That kind of hate does not come from happy people. 
loser60 loser60 4 years
These sites are not fan clubs - stop taking everything said about Aniston to heart - she isn't your sister or dtr  -it is just a website -
Freyda Freyda 4 years
 @JustGossip  @jb5567 LMFAO!!!!!   When were you ever banned from here? This website has been the most Jenny friendly place since it started. They even changed their annual favs contest to give her a better shot. If they have turned on her (**rolleyes**) it is probably because they got tired of her leis and fame****ing. It does sort of beg the question of why they have a posting of her PR  firm's dissemination today though, doesn't it? 
JM217 JM217 4 years
She was great in Horrible Bosses. She should play more roles like that.
JustGossip JustGossip 4 years
 @jb5567 The site has really gone downhill. Now they ban you from here for defending Aniston so all you get is a bunch of hateful comments from people. 
Freyda Freyda 4 years
 @Perfection2011 Apparently not!!
loser60 loser60 4 years
Isn't she a little old to be playing a hooker?  Another bad comedy in the making
jb5567 jb5567 4 years
Without her coiffed hair in front of her face, tons of makeup and showing a lot of skin, it's amazing how average she looks.    On another note, the constant ads and external content being fed onto this site make it virtually impossible to read and scroll the pages. It's really gone downhill. Have fun with the "must have" bag.
horrible-bosses horrible-bosses 4 years
I can't wait to see it
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