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Jennifer Aniston Inside the Actors Studio Quotes [Video]

Video: Jennifer Aniston Talks The Break-Up, Real-Life Breakups, and Friends in Inside the Actors Studio Sneak Peek

Jennifer Aniston taped her Inside the Actors Studio interview a couple weeks ago and the finished product is finally ready to air on Monday. Bravo released two preview clips of Jennifer's intimate chat, which touched on everything from her real-life breakups to her beloved dog Norman who recently passed away. On taking the part in The Break-Up so soon after her split from Brad Pitt, Jennifer revealed, "It was just a beautiful story about a couple breaking up. And I was slightly familiar on the topic and the issue. And I sort of honestly felt like, what a great way to sort of exercise some of that. I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it. You would think otherwise, because even the producers were like, 'I don't know if we should ask you to do this,' but I was like, why not? Turn the page, let's move on."

Jennifer also spoke about what Friends means to her, saying, "It gave me everything. It gave me this ridiculously blessed life and career and taught me so much, and it's the best time I ever had." Check out the clips of Jennifer's interview and watch the whole thing on Monday!

To see the clip of Jennifer talking about the end of Friends just


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hotinocencia hotinocencia 6 years
jen never talked about that brad angelina is so unfair to say that she keeps on bringing that old topic up.she had moved on. its the press,the media who keeps on attaching the topic everytime jen comes out with something. a little maturity, people please!
Amesabelle Amesabelle 6 years
It floors me in this long, over analyzed situation/"triangle" SHE'S the one who can't seem to do anything right on these threads. She's the one being held to a higher behavioral standard, for whatever reason. She wasn't talking about her marriage ending, she was talking about her film which happened to be shot at a fortuitous time, just after she'd gone through a break up. Anyone who knows James Lipton and Inside the Actor's Studio would know that he was going to ask that question. Get over it people. She's lovely. And so is the other one.
Joanna Joanna 6 years
Never once did she mention Brad here. She said she had been through break-ups and she had. Not just him. Get over it Brangelina fans. She moved on. I can name at least one star that has been talking about nothing but her kids lately. They are always being dragged around for publicity . We don't need to see them every day. They should be in school. I find Jen quite interesting and she seems down to earth and fun. I don't care who she was married to ages ago and neither does she. Her new guy was there, he"s a accomplished screen writer and not bad looking. They seem to be enjoy their time together , she's happy, her new movie is getting good reveiws(even her) so I'm pretty sure she doesn't have time to even think about Brad. Go to his sight (they are starting to need more posts lately.
shoes4life shoes4life 6 years
Aniston is the one keeping the triangle mess going! she doens't even have to say "his" name! She very well aware what her words will accomplish in the gossip world! Stop blaming the media, it is her mouth and she controls what comes out of it! She is a boring one dimensional person who claim to fame is a haircut, Brad Pitt and gossip mags! Also, don't drag the Jolie-Pitts interviews into this because if you read the real interviews and not "gossip snippets" that are used to get a rise out of folks you will see they go in depth about their movie projects, characters, directors, their humanatarian projects and so on. you will see their family talk is a small portion of their interviews. Unlike Aniston who has nothing of interest to speak on but me, me, myself, I, oh and me! In your 20's it's ok but late 30's to40's plus you should have grown up a lot and secure in your skin. Not trying to convince the world you're happy in every interview. She has no substance or growth, the same ol same ol.
horrible-bosses horrible-bosses 6 years
lovely jen amazing women
gossiplovalova gossiplovalova 6 years
Jp- fan when are you going to movie on? I'm like a MEGA Angelina fan but I seriously can't stand Brangelina fans.
JP-fan JP-fan 6 years
OMG!!! When is this middle aged woman going to move on! Ohhh that's right NEVER since her only claim to fame is ...she was once married to the true A-lister The Brad Pitt! She became a 'homewrecker' and broke a 14 year long relationship...she should be 'happy, happy, happy' as she has been claiming for almost 7 years...She should be so happy she found some guy willing to stick around till she promotes her next 'bombs' . he is short and ugly just like her...match made in heaven! It's time for her to stop stalking the JP's and their lovely 6 kids. This woman is a middle aged 43 year old, who can't act, she is a shallow old TV is time for her to move on with her 'caveman' she snagged and NEVER mention the JP's again! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!
JustGossip JustGossip 6 years
So she barely touched on the subject and every headline on the internet puts the phrase "The Break-Up helped me get over Brad" Where did she even say that? I guess I'll give Pop Sugar some points for not putting words in her mouth that she never said. Also, EVERY star gives the same stupid interview. Every interview we get from BRAND-gelina is intimate details about what they do at home with the kids or how the sneak away to have sex...jeez like a broken record at this point. For years all we heard from La Jolie is how edgy she was and how her father cheated on her mother. She whined about that for more than a decade. A DECADE!! See ALL of her interviews from 1993-2004. All we ever hear from Clooney is about how he's George Clooney and the rest of aren't and how grand it is to be a swinging bachelor combined with his super annoying wink, wink, wink thing. Tom Cruise? He's a focused man in control. McCaughnehey? I'm just super chill dude. Paltrow? Don't even get me started. In short, ridiculously expensive tips for morally superior living. Basically, all of them are the same, same, same. Other than maybe McCaughnehey, I'll take Aniston over these other idiots any day. She doesn't present herself as morally superior than the rest of us.
littlemunchkin littlemunchkin 6 years
Her interviews don't change because journalists ask the same questions!
jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
I like her
qteepie qteepie 6 years
She is answering the questions they ask her. She looks great and I love her
Joanna Joanna 6 years
Most all the stars give the same interviews. There really is only so much to talk about. She is adorable .
tuscanstellina tuscanstellina 6 years
Same Same Same. There is nothing interesting about this woman. She is adorable, but her interviews never change.
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