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Edwin15106334 Edwin15106334 3 years
I like Jennifer Aniston because she has a nice, wholesome personality. She isn't stunningly beautiful or fit, but she isn't one of those celebrities that is always in trouble. I really dislike the celebrities that make the news simply because they got in trouble with the law, got divorced, yelled at their kid, or some other stupid thing. I don't care for E! television. I don't care for tabloid shows. I don't care for the Khardasians or which rap star has the most bling.
ummakhan1374904501 ummakhan1374904501 4 years
ImaneAssi ImaneAssi 4 years
How about 3000 paparazis stalking her all the time?And beside 2-3 movies all her movies made money.She is a movie star and america's it or not.
popfaninMD popfaninMD 4 years
Jennifer is still stunning!
Beloved2 Beloved2 4 years
She looks like a chubby hausfrau.
horrible-bosses horrible-bosses 4 years
Lovely couple !!
Anna14788570 Anna14788570 4 years
This Is FRESH AIR. And if you're just joining us, my guest is Ty Burr. He's a film critic for the Boston Globe and author of the new book "Gods Like Us: On Movie Stardom and Modern Fame." So something that confuses me about celebrity. You know, when I go to the supermarket and I'm seeing the tabloids at the checkout line, like Jennifer Aniston is still on the cover so much of the time. And like I have to say, I can't - I can't comprehend why. It's not like - how many years has it been since "Friends"? And how often is she in a hit movie? What is that fame, what is that interest still based on? BURR: Don't you understand? That's her movie now. That's where her narrative is. You know, it almost helps to think of each star as a narrative, as an idea, and their movies are and their other entertainment is where they act that idea of who they are out. And we, you know, Jennifer Aniston built up a persona - consciously or not - on "Friends" and then after "Friends" in the gossip sphere with all of her various melodramas. And again, this has nothing to do with who Jennifer Aniston may actually be, but I'm talking about her public persona. And as she's made fewer and fewer movies, that narrative just hops over to the gossip sphere and the tabloid magazines and that's where the people who are fans of her - or fans of that narrative - that's where they follow that narrative, that's where that show is. That's where the Jennifer Aniston show is now. It's not on TV. It's not on the movie screen. It's over in this other form of entertainment that, again, probably doesn't have a lot to do with actual day to day reality.
Anna14788570 Anna14788570 4 years
@Kathy, of course the Paparazzi knows ALWAYS where she is because thats what shes famous for, her career is being on the tabloids.This is her game. Her sh.itty Movie is out, shes daily pictured and even on vacation in cabo, there are always pics of her in cabo. Shes no big movie star, WTM is a little hit but thats it, her movie career is a big joke. She gets movieroles because shes kissing lots of HW
salvia salvia 4 years
Seriously who was Justin Theroux before Jennifer?
Kathy14559712 Kathy14559712 4 years
Isn' it amazing the paparazzi seem to always be able to find Jen on vacaion. I wonder how that works?
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