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Jen-Fan Jen-Fan 6 years
Love this :love:
horrible-bosses horrible-bosses 6 years
i love walk GO JEN!
Guest26 Guest26 6 years
Like her or dislike, you can't deny her talent and career. When posters claim she isn't an actress, had no talent or comedic timing, is comparable to a no-talent socialite, etc., all they do is expose themselves as blind haters.
arrowstraite arrowstraite 6 years
donnamae54, the same people probably think a movie theater shows an animated short of fresh popped popcorn and icy, delicious Coke because they care about you and wouldn't want you to go hungry or thirsty. :D It's called marketing. Aniston's entire career is marketing. It sure as hell isn't acting any more than Paris Hilton's is about modeling.
ojoba ojoba 6 years
PopSugar,whats up? is this a spammery now? This sh+t ^ is everywhere.
Ind Ind 6 years
Love Jen. She looks better each day since she start dating Justin. She is very relaxed and lovely in the picture. Sounds like she and Justin are having good time. I'm so happy for her because she deserves ahappy life.
sabrina27 sabrina27 6 years
She is looking so good lately. Cant wait for her start promoting her next film this fall with Paul Rudd :)
donnamae54 donnamae54 6 years
The truth hurts, Jennifer Aniston is maipulative and crazy, what do you think she is doing? Handbag in front of her stomach in every picture, now walking barefoot and her fans think this is just an innocent picture?. Another poster suffgested it, she is trying to get you to put two and two together, bare foot and pregnant. It is not my problem if many of you are into cult worship and is dim and dumb.
bluestar bluestar 6 years
Everyone SHUT UP. This website has the most effing ridiculous comments I've ever's disgusting, really.
urbanugly urbanugly 6 years
Hey Staff, Its much worse to call someone a paranoid freak, then ask if they have been drinking based on an incoherent, venomous comment. What's your problem with me and why are you singling me out?????
MedinoZ MedinoZ 6 years
OMG ...why all the negativity..u wont give up bashing her .Right ?? i see them a natural laid back pics,,u see them differently..but there s a Brangelina thread near by..if u hate Jen that much dont comment here and go to the other thread...
urbanugly urbanugly 6 years
DonnaMae54, who is Ikabood Humperdink, or are you kidding?
urbanugly urbanugly 6 years
To #16. Talk about run on sentences. Who is Ikabood Humperdink?
Guest26 Guest26 6 years
Wow a lot of crazy comments on this thread. Jen is 42, which is not "pushing 50." If you have to age her up to put her down you know you are reaching. She's also on vacation in Hawaii. It seems like many of you have never been on vacation in a warm locale before, but to let you know, there's nothing odd about her shirt choice or the fact that she's shoeless here. And #24 if this is a "showmance" as you think, then there's no reason to be worried about his ex - because this would be the fake relationship, right? Get your stories straight!
donnamae54 donnamae54 6 years
None of us know these stars presonally, because they live in a tolally different opulent world, of which none of us might never know. But talk about a star with some kind of obsession with the media and playing silly games. Jennifer Aniston is pushing 50, this is the age where you start to give back to your society, but instead, we see a person playing juvenile games. Waliking without something on her feet, to send a message barefoot and pregnant. I was under the impression Justin was the bad guy in this relationship, but Justin Theroux whoever you are run, get away from this crazy Bi***, she probably has the, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane Complex.
Jakcob Jakcob 6 years
What do you mean....Jen and Justin have a few more weeks to enjoy their vacation before work draws them back to the mainland" they are working now. I believe they started this showmance long time ago to promote the movie. Too bad he had a gf of 14 years at the time. That make him a d-bag for doing that.
urbanugly urbanugly 6 years
JA has panache.
arrowstraite arrowstraite 6 years
Why is it cute when Aniston walks around barefoot? When a 'regular person' walks around barefoot they are white trash. Do you KNOW what's on a street? I would neva. Considering her costuming I thought she was going for the ole 'barefoot & pregnant' subliminal message strategy. I just didn't want to state the obvious.
Louie Louie 6 years
Love her. I hope this guy is The Guy for her.
donnamae54 donnamae54 6 years
Jennifer Aniston loves media attention you can see why many people cannot stand her walking without slippers,which is so dangerous, get a prick get tetanus which can lead to your death that is so stupid all for the camera, she and her Ikabood Humperdink look-a-like, the guy in the Legends of Sleepy Hollow, handbag over her stomach to pretend she is pregnant and start a rumor, junior high games, Jlo is who is at the center of attention these days.
urbanugly urbanugly 6 years
Put together when everyone else is in a morning fog. She is totally glamorous from the pony tail, to the earrings, to the top, to the jeans, to the bare feet.
memoi1 memoi1 6 years
Pathetic is when a grown man wears a Ratt shirt because he is trying so hard to be cool - but isnt.
memoi1 memoi1 6 years
She is the blahest looking girl in the world. Nothing pretty or exciting about her at all - physically or mentally. She should pray to the FRiends God everynight that she landed that show because she isnt talented and would never have made it as serious actress if Friends didnt turn out to be a hit.
He's turning 40? Time to lose the squeegie-kid-look. Also, need to lose the clingy lady. (put shoes on...that does not make you 'down to earth' or a local..just a plain, not especially talented, clingy lady that tries too hard with no shoes on)
Guest26 Guest26 6 years
Love these new pics! They are so cute and down to earth. Wish we could get some bikini and board shorts pics of them on the beach.
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