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manfromuncle manfromuncle 5 years
be happy
horrible-bosses horrible-bosses 5 years
i miss you jen good luck for them
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
oh will you haters STFU....first, the paps catch 1/100th of these people's lives so of course celebs do a lot more than we see...she spends time with friends, fam and whatever but WE SEE what she wants us to see - period....either way, it's not your concern but one thing's for sure: dude looks like he fcuks the crap out of her so I don't blame her for riding the d*** for a little, scurry along and see if you can buy locks of AJ's hair or whatever it is you people do all day
ojoba ojoba 5 years
Justin have way more going for himself than KFed,he have an I.Q. creative talent plus good looks.Think Jen has found a great guy.
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 5 years
gee, why do people post such negative things about jen? what has she ever done to them? if you don't like her, they why read about her or make a mean post? sound familiar loons? haterz.
Burkina Burkina 5 years
I don't care what anyone says, Britney ruined Kevin Federline's life.
Sue-Rosenorn Sue-Rosenorn 5 years
No guy moves this fast unless he knows he can be another Kevin Federline. Dont trust him. She better watch out.
Hesiod Hesiod 5 years
ah, I love Jen. More photos on this site for all the other Jen fans:
Louie Louie 5 years
I hope she's pregnant too. And I really hope this guy is her guy for, like, ever. For reals. I like Jen.
Burkina Burkina 5 years
Oh okay. I didn't know that thanks yeahbaby and Guest26
Guest26 Guest26 5 years
Exactly yeahbaby. And Jen and Coco have been pictured together, particularly on vacations. But we rarely see Jen other than for work or errands in candid shots. She doesn't do the shopping and restaurant stroll like Witherspoon and others. So it shouldn't be surprising that we don't see her and Coco out in public much. It doesn't mean they aren't close. In fact Courteney has said on several occasions just how close they are, saying how Coco calls Jen Nouna (Greek for godmother), and that they usually hang out every week. It's like those that claim that Courteney and Jen are no longer close because they haven't been snapped together recently. There have been plenty of sightings of them hanging together on Twitter. Just last week they were spotted with Justin and others having dinner at the Chateau Marmont. shoes4life, keep telling yourself they aren't newsworthy as you click and comment on this thread, thereby increasing interest in them and increasing the liklihood that they will continue to be posted about her and elsewhere.
Luvlife7 Luvlife7 5 years
Why in the hell does she need to be photographed with her godchild? I am positive she wants the precious little girl to have a normal life as possible and if she was to even to take the girl to the park paps will be on her 24/7 and from interviews from both her and Courtney she does spend time with her so that point is pretty moot. On a side note. I think Justin is the first guy I have liked her with. Never cared for Pitt, Vince, or John Mayer. There is a certain thing with them Justin/Jennifer that makes me feel like they are "IT". Either way I wish her luck on everything.
yeahbaby yeahbaby 5 years
Also, Coco Arquette also has PARENTS. You know, the people biologically and legally responsible for her well being. Why should Aniston be "seen" with her? Why does that matter? Besides you have no idea what happens outside of public eye in these people's lives. Quit being judgmental.
yeahbaby yeahbaby 5 years
Margerta Mac What exactly is your point? The fact that she isnt pictured with her goddaughter means absloutely NOTHING! I havent seen my godmother in YEARS. Does that make her any less of a person? Just Because some people chose to drag their kids into every photo-op imaginable doesnt make them any more of a parent. In fact, it makes them irresponsible. Why would Aniston want to subject a child to that when she knows how vicious the papparazzi can get? You have absolutely NO grounds in whatever arguments you are trying to make, Give it a rest.
awesomepants awesomepants 5 years
It was surprising to see her covered up on her vacation so maybe she is pregnant but if she's not who cares. If she can't get pregnant, I feel for her.
shoes4life shoes4life 5 years
JustJen is not big news. Their pr dog and the tabs want them to be but they're not that interesting and they are definitely not hot by any means. They are two scoops of bad off brand vanilla. Also, they could be at the dr's office for a number of things, yet her few fans do exactly what the tabs hope for, your "she's pregnant" crap. She is only good to sell the tabs and she knows it.
MargaretMac MargaretMac 5 years
Sorry but the only photos of Jen with Coco are when Courtney is present. There aren't that many times either with Jen present and it's not like Coco is an invisible celebrity child - she is papped around town and on vacation frequently. So I'm afraid all those photos of Jen playing godmother or being maternal are in the imaginations of Jen's fans. People are pretty much what they do -not what fans imagine they are or wish them to be.
Guest44 Guest44 5 years
Well good for her. If she does want a biological child, she may be running out of time. She always gives off a youthful demeanor, but she is approaching menopause. Seriously.
Guest26 Guest26 5 years
Exactly katweenie. And just because you don't see her parading around for the cameras with children doesn't mean she doesn't want one of her own. Nor does the fact that she hasn't yet had a child. What do you even mean by she's had "plenty of opportunity to be a mother by now?" For all we know she's been trying or has tried and hasn't been successful in the past. Or she wasn't ready to go the single mom route...especially since she's made it clear her preference is to have a child with a partner. And I imagine the paps got these shots by following them. Have you seen the stalking aerial pics they have of their new place? Jen and Justin are big news for the tabs/blogs, so it's not hard to figure why photographers would be hot on their trail.
katweenie76 katweenie76 5 years
@MargaretMac There's plenty of pics with Jennifer and Coco. Just not that many recent ones. All you have to do is google it.
MargaretMac MargaretMac 5 years
Gee, how did the paps get this opportune photo? Lordy now we will be subject to this nonsense for months and months. Looks like she snagged someone willing to go along with her PR tricks. I do believe people understandably thought she wasn't interested in children because she had plenty of opportunity to be a mother by now. It matters little what you say you want when your life and actions say the opposite. I have also never seen her with her goddaughter and that seems very odd that in all these years Jen has never been papped or even reportedly seen with her goddaughter or even a niece or nephew anywhere at any time.
Brangie Brangie 5 years
I'd love to see them married with a couple of cute kids!
Guest26 Guest26 5 years
Yeah, Jen actually has said repeatedly that she does want children. And her ex husband even denied the rumors about her not wanting kids in both GQ and a GMA interview in 2005. Invented by the tabloids.
yeahbaby yeahbaby 5 years
Burkina She never said she didnt want to be a mother. That was made up by the tabloids.
Burkina Burkina 5 years
I like these two together. About the pregnancy rumours, I thought Jen did not want to have a baby?
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