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Freyda Freyda 5 years
 @Cinco  @donnamae54    Facts are facts! And Brad gets  20% of every one of those first dollars.
Freyda Freyda 5 years
 @Mary2417724 Angie didn't do anything to Jennifer Aniston and Judd didn't direct "Wanderlust".
loser60 loser60 5 years
 @Mary2417724 Homeless people hanging with Ellen and Hilary Clinton.  All the pics of Angie from the weekend are just stunning. I don't know what the homeless look like in your area.  Unfortunately jen and justin will not stay together nor have kids and they are the laugh of the town with their lame rauncy comedy
Mary2417724 Mary2417724 5 years
every celeb experience hits and bomb at the box office and i do believe wanderlust would do well overall as of march 4 the movie is so doing well internationally and it was even #2 at israel box office and top 4 at other countries. worldwide money counts not only america.   director judd apatow and all the costars are happy for jen and justin with their interview they did today and denied that they never felled in love on set. jen is smart to know that what was done to her by angie was on cool and therefore would never do that to anyone. no human being deserves what cheater and homewrecker angie did. have you seen them lately, haha they look like homeless folks. is pure karma and they deserve eachother perfectly
Mary2417724 Mary2417724 5 years
donnamae54 donnamae54 5 years
Don't you get it?  Wunderlust was suposed to make the JA and Justin the darlings of Hollywood with a block buster movie this chister  raised his price to $10,000,000.00 a pop, A- list rate like Brad Pitt.  Don't laugh, if he wasn't using Aniston why raise his price as soon as he gets with the world's most famous divorcee, and he hasn't even made movies comparable for that kind of money to date, why did he not raise his price when he was with Heidi Bevins.  Heidi is still roaring with laughter somewhere out  there, at this busted couple!
Joanna Joanna 5 years
They are a nice couple and seem happy.  I'm sure he is getting paid good for the scripts that he wrote and helped write.   Iron Man was a big succes and Rock of Ages probably will be.  You should be happy for them.  He seems like a nice man.  Can't we just leave off the ex remarks.  It's been a long time. Why can't they all be happy and successful.
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
omg his boots hurt my eyes but I like them
Cinco Cinco 5 years
 @Freyda  @donnamae54 Continue telling yourself that Loon! Eventually, maybe you will make yourself believe it. Poor thing!
Cinco Cinco 5 years
 @soulkey Well, bless your cold, vile heart! Speaking of "drunkards', were you drunk when you tpyed this? I'm thinking your grammar and spelling is lacking tremendously...
sevencostanza sevencostanza 5 years
So Justin Theroux break dances...sweet.
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 5 years
 @JustGossip  @Cinco You're going thru the website to see where I post?   I  can save you the trouble - only post on a few ppl but guess you know who they are since you seem to be stalking me -  talk about a loser and needing a life - no need to step away my cute little phone is always with me.  and cinco knows what the comprehensive is all about - worry about yourself and not the rest of the people on here
soulkey soulkey 5 years
Her and her stealing cheap boyfriend with short legs and mascara on can pretend and fake all they want. They are no better than their BFF uncle Terry the Nasty and Aunty Chelsea the Drunkard.    No amount of pedicure, manicure, tan session, mascara , paid holliday, paid hotels, paid appartment, paid house and other advantages would be able to buy the love of a decent guy when this guy use to denigrate the likes of Aniston and the Hollywood machine.    He obviously has done a 180 degrees turnaround and is in it for the money since he is a failed C list actor who just turn 40 and who doesn't even weigh 8 millions..  Money can't by thrue love, just wanna bes and golddiggers who of course would jump into the marriage with both hands and completely blinded, the ultimate liability for goldiggers and gigolos..    
Freyda Freyda 5 years
 @Cinco  @donnamae54 Angie wasn't with Brad when he wasa married an dhe didn't committ adultery.   Also "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" has made nearly 3/4 of a billion dollars to date and still in demand. I think donnamae must be referring to Reese W.'s latest bomb.
Freyda Freyda 5 years
 @JustGossip  @kgirl123 Bull ... Jen's fans are on several major Internet sites slamming AJ every day and now they attack Heidi. WTF is that about.   Jen's BFFs are still attacking AJ on their lousy cable shows and etc. Get a clue
Freyda Freyda 5 years
 @Mparker11  @donnamae54 Heidi Bivens is doing just fine!!! The idea that Justin Theroux was paying anyone's bills is laughable. Heidi had the love of her co-workers and a good career before she let JT derail her and she will again. She is 100x the person Justin is and well rid of him. Now Justin has someone to pay his bills as long as he toes the line and keeps his teeth bleached and makes those regular spray tan appointments. So what is your point? 
JustGossip JustGossip 5 years
 @Perfection2011  @Cinco Poor Perfection2011. Even a typo makes her nasty little claws come out. Considering you are one of the top 3 commenters on this entire website, might I suggest you step away from the computer and get a friggin' life. What a loser.  
JustGossip JustGossip 5 years
 @Cinco  @donnamae54 The Land of Milk and Honey" has made $330,000 so far. Other small independent foreign films from Iran made by people no one has ever heard of like "The Separation" have made close to $5 million in the U.S. and another $9 million overseas. 
JustGossip JustGossip 5 years
 @kgirl123 I think you meant to say the crazy loons keep coming back here. Notice how the Aniston fans don't even bother clicking on the Jolie/kids article above or the Brad/Angie article below? Maybe it's because they don't have the same level of hate in their hearts as you seem to have. No one is saying you can't post here. They are just saying it's time for you to move on from the hate. Jen hans have already done that so maybe it's time you did the same. 
kgirl123 kgirl123 5 years
I love coming back and laughing my head off at the crazy manniston fans rebutals, so entertaining!!! 37 comments and counting as half of them are crazy manniston fans arguing and trying to say that angie fans cant post here. we can post on whatever photo or story we want to, you fools! i thought my orange munster comment was hilarious.
JustGossip JustGossip 5 years
Wow, 37 comments and counting. Only 5 on Brad's NOLA benefit article right below this one. Most of the BRAND-gelina haters moved on ages ago. I click on Brad articles every once in awhile, but avoid them most of the time because I just don't care anymore. That is the case with most Jen fans. Maybe you Aniston haters should do the same instead of clicking on EVERY Aniston article that appears anywhere so you can spew your vicious hatred. 
Mparker11 Mparker11 5 years
 @donnamae54  Laughing at what? The whole cast is still rich .wanderlust was a very good movie and all the actors were great. Oh you probably don't know that because it is obvious that you have not seen the movie. you are just being hateful that you are.I congratulate the whole cast for a job well done.As for  Heidi bivens laughing she is still crying because she don't have anyone to pay her bills now.
Mparker11 Mparker11 5 years
 @donnamae54  Remember these actors still get paid on top of what they have already(.rich)
Cinco Cinco 5 years
 @donnamae54 Mr. and Mrs. Smith? The movie where Angie had an affair with a married man, and Pitt committed ADULTERY!
Cinco Cinco 5 years
 @donnamae54 Well, maybe you can answer question... What happend to The Land of Milk and Honey?? Tell me again, how much it did? Like you stated, "Karma is a beast" which, makes me wonder what Angie must be thinking!
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