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Celebrity Couples
Supergirl Couple Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood Hit the Beach in Mexico
Queen Elizabeth II
Prince Harry Literally Needs a Permission Slip to Marry Meghan Markle
Celebrity PDA
Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger Confirm Their Romance With a Steamy Kiss
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liverwurst liverwurst 4 years
 @Emilie2521613 Oh you must have Jen confused with the pitts! After all they have the press ready whenever they leave the house with their children you know...
liverwurst liverwurst 4 years
 @Perfection2011  @JustGossip  @loser60  @Guest26 Are you refering to Brad and his botox and face filler addiction?
jenniferaniston jenniferaniston 4 years
Awesome, lovely couple! They are so happy! I am just a smiling for them! 
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 4 years
 @JustGossip  @loser60  @Guest26 OH and I love the botox
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 4 years
 @JustGossip  @loser60  @Guest26 Just gossip i think she was referring to your clone guest 26 being the stalker.  Have to admire you guys for all your "facts" Yeah I admit it I click on her when she is here - it is a hoot to see you get so worked up all the time.  How did she put it - stalk them - naive and delusional and hilarious Yep that about sums it up lol
JustGossip JustGossip 4 years
 @loser60  @Guest26 Loser26 you need to get your head checked. Celebrities are in fact STALKED. There's footage of half a dozen photographers on motorcycles following Jen's car the last time she was in Paris. Most people would call that stalking. There's tons of footage of Jen out and about in New York with tons of tourists and photographers taking her pictures. Face it. She's one of the most famous people in the world. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention how interested YOU are in her and how much you and many of the delusional loons stalk Aniston on this site and others, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. 
loser60 loser60 4 years
 @Guest26 umm - stalk them - naive and delusional - interesting - oh and hilarious - yes that seems to describe you
Guest26 Guest26 4 years
It's hilarious how people think they set these up. They have been photographed by several photo agencies (not just one exclusively) who followed them from the airport in Paris (tipped off from the paparazzi in LA who caught them at LAX) to their hotel and then stalk them every time they leave. You can see the photographers in the background of some of their photos...they are wearing bike helmets (wielding cameras) and are traveling by motorcycle. To think that these two together aren't a huge paparazzi target (because the photos sell everywhere earning them tons of cash) is to be very naive and delusional about the interest in Jen worldwide.
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 4 years
 @JustGossip  @loser60I I am not the one always bringing up the past and I think i have been on this site less than a year but you probably know the exact date and time since you are always so interested in me and following my every move - kind of like you do with Aniston.  I don't care who she was once married to - this is a entertainment website where anyone can post a comment - it is not a Aniston fan club page and I invented this?  You are hilarious
JustGossip JustGossip 4 years
 @loser60 Yes, because the Brandgeloonies NEVER drag Aniston into a conversation about the holy ones or click on Aniston sites to trash her because she was once married to Brad. Seriously. Go over to the psycho loon sites. Brining these three into each other's stories is what you do ALL DAY LONG. Stop acting like you're above it all. You invented this crap. This is why you have spent the last several years doing EXACTLY what you accuse others of doing. 
loser60 loser60 4 years
Why is it the most fanatic Aniston fans ALWAYS have t bring  up Brad and Angie (kind of lke her)  Here she is having a great weekend and you people have to remind everyone of how she got famously dumped.  Sure she just loves that type of fan.  Hey I NEVER thoght this would last but if I were such a pyscho fan I wouldn't be bringing up the past. On another note - she is tiny but he looks smaller than her
sese11 sese11 4 years
@horrible bosses Hi Jen fan, I also am a Jen fan & I loathe when he ex is brought into a pic about her. You can respond to the hater without including her dubious ex. To add to what you are saying, papa have connections with hotels, airline official e.t.c.
sese11 sese11 4 years
Malikka you came back to look for a second time didnt you. Well I dont blame u, these pics are truly romantic.
JustGossip JustGossip 4 years
 @Emilie2521613 When you book the best table in the city at an exclusive restaurant people kind of know in advance that you're coming. This is how the press knows about a lot of celebrity dinners. Now how People magazine managed to get exclusive details on Brad's proposal to Angie, I won't even bother guessing on that one. Just in time for Brad's film at Cannes, no less. For the release of Benjamin Button, Brad published private photos of his children at home and naked photos of Angie taking a shower. And trashed his life with Jen right before the release of Moneyball. I'll take a harmless trip to Paris over that any time. 
lucy1020 lucy1020 4 years
 @malikka  That desperate bimbo must look 1000 times better than you. She gets to enjoy her man and her wealth and you get to complain about it here. LOL Must be sad to be you!
malikka malikka 4 years
The last time I checked i have the right to look at any pictures  I like.She is a media manipulator and a fame Who*e its funny that no fans even look at them in paris.Goodluck to them i want to see them together he looks like a serial killer she looks like a desperate bimbo
Emilie2521613 Emilie2521613 4 years
The paps are there before them! Total set up. He looks over it.   Their parade for the paps is just in time for Rock of Ages & Wanderbust DVD.
Guest26 Guest26 4 years
They look so lovely together! It's so nice that they are just enjoying their vacation and sightseeing, even if it means the paparazzi get their pics. Love them together and love Justin's comments about her!
horrible-bosses horrible-bosses 4 years
Cute I really want to go to Paris.too
sese11 sese11 4 years
@malikka Ok Melikka... But ur enjoying the pics, that is why you clicked on it & commented. Don't like it, then don't look
sese11 sese11 4 years
Now I really want to go to Paris. They are too beautiful.
malikka malikka 4 years
Their tour de fame who*ting is still going  strong that guy is creepy as heck
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