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Jen-Fan Jen-Fan 6 years
I love them together! Such an amazing looking couple and they BOTH look so happy! :cocktail:
jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
yeah the loonies need to find another post...perhaps they can ponder the missing chromosomes and gender confused, poorly dressed...ok let me stop right there before I type something really inappropriate and mean
dolce-x-gabbANA dolce-x-gabbANA 6 years
People spend way TOO much time reading false stories and simply TRASH from other media outlets. These two make a beautiful couple and I'm envious of Jen's style! IF anyone knows the brand/designer of her sandals in these pictures, let a woman know! xx
joey8888 joey8888 6 years
Valtrex couple? Google his ex girlfriend for 14 years...Jen is a horrible person...
janekay janekay 6 years
@20..sorry but i have never heard of him or ever seen him, so in my opinion, he is definitely not A-list, maybe not exactly D-list, but not far from..being with Jen will surely up his profile though..anyways thanks for the heads up!!
taylorvon taylorvon 6 years
They're cute but why does it look like they're dressed for two completely different seasons?
JustGossip JustGossip 6 years
@evieJ Yup. And the travel writer Paul Theroux is Justin's uncle.
EvieJ EvieJ 6 years
@JustGossip: Louis is Justin's cousin? Seriously? JT just got about 100% hotter in my opinion. Love me some Louis Theroux.
JustGossip JustGossip 6 years
Why are JoliePitt fans even on this thread? Oh right, I forgot. can't put your saints on their throne without spending all day and night tearing his ex wife apart. Btw, Theroux is introducing her to his family already. Guess Justin's cousin Louis Theroux must have been paid by Huvane to show up at the afterparty in London. It's all just a giant conspiracy, right?
LealandMS LealandMS 6 years
She is pretty and He looks like he belongs in a cartoon.
JP-fan JP-fan 6 years
OMG finally Huvane hired one that will stick around till their movie comes out. Of course this short, balding "Eddie Munster" look a like will dump the pathetic, shallow "emblem of the lonely" too...but not till his contact is out! Then Huvane and the talentless, desperate 43 year old will start their next 7 years of "pity parties" Pathetic!!!
arrowstraite arrowstraite 6 years
Opposites? really? I think those two have a great deal in common now that I know something about him other than what he looks like. If they were a couple I'd understand why.
ojoba ojoba 6 years
Guess they have that opposite-attract kinda thing going on,they look good together,as far as him being an opportunist,he appears to have his own s* together.
arrowstraite arrowstraite 6 years
*to. I know how a simple typo can make an entire thought invalid on this site.
arrowstraite arrowstraite 6 years
He's linked to Zoolander?!? Good lord. My friend was IN that movie and he said it was dumb as Paris Hilton's left boob. The check was good though, so he didn't care. Same friend was in SATC. But you guys have explained why I've never heard of him. I'm not into that type of humor. I like really funny s*. Only Vince can make me LOL. Although I don't believe this is anything more than her usual publicity relationship 'thing' I don't detect the slightest heat when I see pics of him. He's very 80s Bono and kinda Tom Cruise shiny with a sorta Village People vibe thing going on. Just not what I'm attracted too.
Luvit Luvit 6 years
He is a HOTTIE!!! Forever...since sex & the city & 6 feet under... This the 1st time in a long time i can honestly say jen picked right. they seemed a little weird at first but the more i see them together the more i am like, tap that sweet, sweet @$$, girl!!!
JustGossip JustGossip 6 years
@janekay. D-list is someone who is in stuff no one's ever heard of, or starring on some reality show. Justin Theroux is best known for his numerous collaborations with David Lynch, his memorable cameos (Charlies Angels, Tropic Thunder, Six Feet Under, Zoolander, Romy and Michelle) and his screenwriting work. He co-wrote and produced Tropic Thunder. He wrote Iron Man 2 and Rock of Ages which is currently in production with an A-List cast. Oh, and he's writing AND directing the sequel to Zoolander. In fact the scripts Theroux has written so far have grossed over $1 billion at the box office so far. Nothing D-List about the guy.
rgrl rgrl 6 years
Don't know why I feel the need to express my opinion here, but they are an odd looking couple. He's hot, she's cute, but strange together. He does need a makeover IMHO.
hmweis1 hmweis1 6 years
She looks cute as usual. I'm not a big fan of her man's wardrobe though. Combat boots? Really? What is this, 1995?
chocolate79 chocolate79 6 years
wow, I didn't know that this Popsugar is a Jen Aniston fan club.. my bad..
janekay janekay 6 years
what are do people call famous? to be quite honest i have never seen or heard of him before now....there is A-list and then there is D-list; Jen is definitely A-list; this guy, well lets just say he is not A-list..but he is not a bad looking dude and if he makes her happy, i am all for people being happy!
ChicagoDiva ChicagoDiva 6 years
Woah chocolate79, and maybe you should learn to play nice with others. It's called expressing an opinion, look it up.
awesomepants awesomepants 6 years
chocolate79, the man co-wrote Tropic Thunder. He could get out of the spotlight for the rest of his life and I'd still love him. He doesn't need to get famous, he already is. Also, pap-ready? Her ratty ass flip flops make her look pap-ready? She's at an airport and the paparazzi practically live in airports. Honestly, I'm surprised she isn't more dressed up.
horrible-bosses horrible-bosses 6 years
sexy couple looooooove her
chocolate79 chocolate79 6 years
uhhh.. I don't know what to think of these pix. They do look pretty good together, and dressed up like pap-ready.. but that guy seems kinda gay.. it almost feels like he wants to be famous by dating Jen Aniston.. and Jen has no problem getting a new pet..
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