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liverwurst liverwurst 5 years
 @Perfection2011 When you got it, flaunt it:))
liverwurst liverwurst 5 years
 @Perfection2011 Jennifer has a jacket over her arm as she is only just leaving the Hotel. It was sunny but only 61 degrees that morning in Paris. The temp was only expected to reach 66-68. Only because you seem so concerned;)
liverwurst liverwurst 5 years
They look great! Nice to see they enjoy each other so much....Paris, the city of love. As far as the crazy loons hating: I just don't understand your position. You complain and complain for years that Jennifer "needs to move on" and now she really has moved on and is very happy with Justin. Secondly, the phrase she's a "man stealer" I guess my answer to that is the same you loons have chanted for years about Angelina being a husband stealer: "you can't steal a happy man." If Heidi felt that dating a man for 12 years without the commitment of marriage was a solid relationship, that was her mistake. I personally believe she knew Justin wasn't in it forever or he would have put  ring on it. At the very least started a family with Heidi. I have a feeling her girlfriends had been telling her that for years. Probably the very same reason Jennifer didn't have children with Brad (other than the reported miscarriages) she may have felt he wasn't fully into the marriage either. I wouldn't advise a good friend to have a child unless the relationship was solid. Jen would be a single mother now, watching the father of her child raising a family with someone else. Jennifer obviously made the right choice.
sese11 sese11 5 years
@kgirl123 Oh really sweetie pie... It is killing you to see two gorgeous people in love & in Paris. Start saving up so you too could head over to Paris instead of being jealous
sese11 sese11 5 years
@joey8888 Joey why the hate? Did she steal ur man or kill ur sis? *rolls eyes*
joey8888 joey8888 5 years
REALLY??? I'm home sick and sick of her...change your look you man stealer.....toned body? I can walk down to the local mall and yes 100 woman better toned than her....but not her fame and money...shame off of OLD reruns.....
jenniferaniston jenniferaniston 5 years
They look so happy! Gorgeous couple!
Guest26 Guest26 5 years
Wonder where they are headed now? They left Paris on a private jet but according to US and E are still vacationing in Europe for several more days. They look so cute together. Looking forward to more photos of their romantic vacation.
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 5 years
  although he is  wearing a shirt, hoodie and a leather jacket
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 5 years
Finally weather for her to wear her famous braless white tee
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
shuuuuut up and go get laid...I need some baggy jeans
kgirl123 kgirl123 5 years
Awww chin and her munster. and she allowed him to gel his receding hair today, to allow for an attempt at him looking edgy again LMAO
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