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love-the-shoes love-the-shoes 5 years
Guest26, don't recall saying there was a problem with hanging out with each other's friends. I said in effect that he doesn't seem like the type who wants to be all the time in the presence of "the gang." Let's not turn that into being anti social.
Guest26 Guest26 5 years
@lovetheshoes They've hung with her girlfriends (and guy friends), and they've also spent time with his friends too. And to me there's nothing wrong with that and it's actually healthy. If a guy can't accept the people already in your life (and vice versa), it's not going to work. There's been plenty of media and twitter reports of such activity.
love-the-shoes love-the-shoes 5 years
Forgot one other thing. I love how he seems to be protective of her space. Funny how I suddenly feel different about her because of him.
trina09 trina09 5 years
I wish I knew what brand of flip flops she has on. And no, they are not trove tkees because they have 3 little studs on them. Sorry, I just love flip flops!
love-the-shoes love-the-shoes 5 years
I'm not a fan of JA but I do think she's found the right guy. He's so sexy. He's got this quiet confidence and individualism that the other guys she's dated since her divorce never seemed to posses. I love his style. I love his black jeans, combat boots, his tats. She seems different. He's got his own money, he's very talented as a writer, actor and director. He's in the same age group. And most important, has anyone noticed there hasn't been the once required gang hang out with her girlfriends. He seems like that is some _hit he'll do once but lets not make it a habit. I think I might like her now.
horrible-bosses horrible-bosses 5 years
lovvvvvvve her love them
Louie Louie 5 years
Hot damn ... the pair of them.
LolaMD LolaMD 5 years
Ind Ind 5 years
They are a good looking couple, and so cute together. Love them.
ojoba ojoba 5 years
Jen and Justin make a great couple together.He is a good looking guy and very intelligent.Plus need I mention,He appears to be also very caring and loyal to Jen,so f**k the dumb Sh*t, he is a keeper!
sayhk sayhk 5 years
I hope they stay together! The are a good looking couple!
sabrina27 sabrina27 5 years
They are so hot together :)
yeahbaby yeahbaby 5 years
I heard her mom had a stroke :( I hope she is OK...
awesomepants awesomepants 5 years
ugh, he looks so good
Guest26 Guest26 5 years
@memoi Since she looks better in those shorts than most twenty year olds, she's more than welcome to wear them in my books. Age is just a number. @JustGossip You are very right! The Aniston double standard. Another site is saying these pics are of her and Justin leaving a hospital after visiting her mother who is very sick after having a stroke. Her rep even declined to comment saying "it's a family matter."
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 5 years
@memoi, i didn't know you had to dress like an old person once you hit 40.
JustGossip JustGossip 5 years
memoi. I really think you are blind. Go check out the photos of them from London. She is wearing heels, and he is NOT wearing boots. He's a good five or six inches taller than her. Also, I don't get the obsession with his height. Some people just hate to hate I guess. Good grief. Also, Jen does not need a makeover. If any of us had legs like that we'd show them off 24/7. Don't kid yourselves.
memoi1 memoi1 5 years
5'10" my behind!!! He is 5'8" if lucky hence why he wears the boots with lifts and a heel.
memoi1 memoi1 5 years
They both need wardrobe makeovers. They look like college kids and i dont mean physically. They dress to young. Her shorts are way to short for a woman he rage and his outfit is just ridiculous. He tries WAY to hard to be cool & he isnt.
Mimma-Soul-Sonik Mimma-Soul-Sonik 5 years
He's delicious - kudos to Jen - nice catch!
JustGossip JustGossip 5 years
@Guest26. You are so right. And it doesn't matter, but the reality is the haters will always find something wrong with Aniston and the men she dates. While at the same time the haters give George Clooney and his trashy fake PR girlfriends a pass even though they ALWAYS get their official debut as he heads into awards season. Just like they'll give certain people a pass when they don't take showers for days at a time or weigh 95 lbs. They'll give a pass to people who talk incessantly about their sex lives while publishing private photos of their children in magazines EVERY time they have a movie out. None of that PR. And apparently none of it is exploitation of the private to sell the public. And not showering just means you're awesome and don't care what the public thinks which makes you even more awesome. Or something like that. Basically, completely different standards for completely different people.
ycolette1 ycolette1 5 years
Darn it I thought she was pregnant with the loose blouses in Hawaii, no bikini shots, doctor visit with BF, sucking on( anti nausea) lollipop leaving doctor office.
Guest26 Guest26 5 years
There's plenty of shots of them side by side (yes, not ones of her behind him and therefore with a distorted angle), and he is obviously almost a full head taller than her. Even in heels he was taller than her in London. Besides, who cares if he was shorter than her? She obvsiouly isn't concerned about his height, so I don't know why anyone else is!
JustGossip JustGossip 5 years
@toot all. Check out the photos of them in London. She's in heels and he is wearing regular shoes, not boots. He's still four or five inches taller than her when they are coming out of the restaurant. Check out google images.
sweetas67 sweetas67 5 years
She has killer legs.
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