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Freyda Freyda 5 years
LOL!!! I don't hate Jen. She is just too ridiculous not to comment on. Transparent as GLAD wrap.
Layla1 Layla1 5 years
watch the videoclip of muse-hysteria with Justin Theroux! He is SOOOO HOTT!! good choice Jen!!
Freyda Freyda 5 years
I said she hadn't been on Elle since 2009. Are you really suggesting Jen was the whole pull for the September 2005 Vanity Fair? Why hasn't she been on the cover since ... or inside? I know Jen & Justin were photographed when they arrive din NYC. That was the point. It didn't have a single thing to so with Brad. Jen still needs publicity even when her film gets sent to the basement.
loser60 loser60 5 years
Well yeah wasn't 2005 about the time she got dumped? that was seven years ago - a lot of stars her age have the same problem - they don't sell mags - it has everything to do with her - vanity fair puts interesting people on their cover not her that is why she hasn't been asked back - she would grab the opportunity like many other stars - she obviously makes a lot of crappy movies and would love the publicity if it would propel a movie further JUST like every other star. SHe is yesterday not relative today. she was a tv star in the 90's.
Guest26 Guest26 5 years
@Freyda Jennifer is on the cover of the November Elle magazine. She's also been on Harper's Bazaar (a major fashion mag), W, Marie Claire, Architectural Digest, etc. in the past couple of years. Jen's 2005 Vanity Fair cover was the best seller EVER for the magazine, so her not being on it since has everything to do with her, and nothing to do with the mag. They would be so lucky as to have her back on there. Your comments about the paps being "booked" make zero sense since one of the movies you are talking about had been rescheduled for months. Jen and Justin were papped BEFORE Pitt's comments went viral, very quickly after they arrived in NY. Here they are on September 14th, and you can look elsewhere on this site for pics of Justin on the 13th outside their apartment in NY (the day they arrived there):
loser60 loser60 5 years
Um Lady Gaga is the #1 seller on mag covers Rhianna is #2 and JA is not even in the top 10 - (those of you who keep saying use google take your own advice) now maybe on the rags i don't know. go browse the bookstore and you won't see her face - not in along time in a legit mag - she is yesterday - hasn't had a hit in a long time - gets on the tabs bcuz how many men has she dated and flaunted "as the one" in the past six or seven years - a trail left in hollywood- and thats fine but she isn't a star she cant act
sese11 sese11 5 years
freyda ur really funny. i really cant stop laughing at ur comment. so ur also insinuating that angelina doesnt sell mag because she also has not been on vouge, gq, entertainment weekly, parade, elle in a long time. please i never knew allure, harpers, marie claire where not big magazines. just caught you in one of ur lies because jen is currently on the cover of ELLE. anyhoo keep huffing and puffing its entertaining.
Freyda Freyda 5 years
SMH Guest 26!! LOL!! If Jen is such a huge draw for legitimate magazines why hasn't she been on any major magazine covers since 2008? No Vogue. No GQ (a former home-away-from-home) or Rolling Stone. No Parade or USA Magazine. No Entertainment Weekly. No Empire Magazine. No ELLE since 2009. She hasn't been in Vanity Fair since 2005 and she had been a regular prior to that. Why wouldn't publishers want Jen on the cover if it is such a brilliant profit Guest 26? Jen and Justin weren't photographed after Brad's PARADE interview came to light because the paparazzi hadn't been booked for that time period. They had been booked for Brad's premiere week and the weeks following when Jen and Justin were meant to be opening their film "Wanderlust" (which got put on the back burner and then dumped in February) and Jen's Lifetime movie. Jen is not a profitable target for paparazzi to hunt.
DeeAnna62 DeeAnna62 5 years
Love this couple, and can stomach them dressing alike, but where the is love? I never see them smile or touch...Not even hold hands. I worry that he will leave her for whatever reasons men leave women.
horrible-bosses horrible-bosses 5 years
i love this couple i like what you say Guest26
Guest26 Guest26 5 years
@tichrissie You are completely wrong. In LA Jennifer never frequents pap-filled locations. We rarely get pics of her there. When is the last time you saw pics of her shopping, at the farmer's market, out to dinner, etc. like you do so many other celebs (Garner, Witherspoon, Stefani, etc.)? @Freyda Just because you haven't seen pics of Jen and Justin in NY before Brad's comments doesn't mean the pics weren't taken. They were up at other sites, with photographers even taking pics of Justin moving his motorcycle. Likewise, there were pics of them in their car in and around their home in LA besides the several sets of aerials that photo agencies spent big bucks to obtain. There were also some candid pics of Jen in Washington. And Jen is not just a tabloid seller, she also is a big magazine seller too, with some of the best cover sales and increases for mags she's appeared on over the last several years. Also she is in tabs almost every week; whether it is the cover or featured inside...that's where these stories you refer to appear. People is a glorified tabloid as well and is certainly not above talking to restaurant employees for these stories either. At Jen's recent Inside the Actor's Studio appearance, People had a reporter contacting those on twitter who indicated they were in the crowd for the taping and asking them questions about the appearance. Even James Lipton himself talked about their tactics in a later interview. Likewise, US Weekly harassed tweeters who indicated they were working as extras on Wanderlust during filming to try and obtain some sort of info or scoop on Jen. Again, she doesn't need to give them anything...they are all desperate for info on her or something to create a story around her. And why I say Jen and Justin were likely staying at a hotel is that they are leaving a building in these pics (not either of their apartments) and they have luggage with them. They've also been back in NY since Saturday (SNL taping) and no pics were snapped of them entering/leaving their apartment. Why would they want to stay at a hotel...because they are tired of being followed and wanted a break from the paps for a few days. This isn't an ignorant premise at all as plenty of celebs do this all the time. Another possibility is that the apartment is being worked on now (she bought two that are being combined into one).
Joanna Joanna 5 years
Not to many care much for Brad anymore so that wouldn't be to exciting. I think Jen and Justin can out to dinner with friends, go to parties with other people without it being called trying to get attention. There isn't much they can do about all the made up stories in the tabs and the press is always hanging around. '
tichrissie tichrissie 5 years
I'll point out that it's common knowledge in LA to know where the paps hangout. The couples who want to stay private just avoid these places, especially when they're together. She does Just the opposite. She does not like privacy, that has always been evident: Whenever the brad angle seemed to die off, she would be on a tv show or in a magazine (the monthlies, not tabloids) article talking about it again. For the sake of her relationship she should revise her behavior and have her pr team stop leaking info to the media. If that relationship fails, we can seriously count on her to go right back to the Brad stories.
loser60 loser60 5 years
Use that google and you will see ja isn't even on the top ten of biggest seller of magazine - Lady Gaga is #1 JA is so so so yesterday - go walk in a bookstore tomorrow and look at the magazines and see whose faces you see. She may have been at one time I don't know but not today.
Freyda Freyda 5 years
Actually Guest26 most of what I am referring to comes from PEOPLE Magazine, Oprah and etc. NOT tabloids!! Who else wants the "biggest seller" of tabloids title? Is there any competition for Jen to do battle with for that ignominious title? Paparazzi don't get paid to listen in on restaurant conversations and have ZERO access to dining rooms or you would see photos of Jen & Justine eating and cooing & billing. I got a big laugh out of that TMZ nonsense since Jen's house is right on a corner and no access could possibly be blocked for he neighbors and there have been ZERO photos of either Jen or Justin in or around that house except aerials. There were very few shots of the two of them in LA and none of them in NYC until Brad's movie was about to premiere. If Jen doesn't need to work to get press then why don't we see her in the rags every week? Don't the paparazzi know where Washington D.C. is? There was JA all over the net at an event that was photographed and distributed widely. Do you really think the paparazzi don't monitor that stuff? The monitor Twitter FCOL! And why are Jen & Justin staying in a hotel in NYC when Justin has a perfectly good apartment in Manhattan? Your whole premise is ridiculously ignorant!
loser60 loser60 5 years
so scary what you know and she isn't a big star anymore - she is working to get press and she has dated half of hollywood in what five or six years? i am sure you know the exact months etc scary
Guest26 Guest26 5 years
@Freyda Most of what you are talking about comes from tabloids, so I wouldn't call those accurate sources, nor would I think Jen is feeding them details (and if there's repetition from previous boyfriends to Justin, that just proves this even more). She's the biggest seller of magazines, a proven fact, which is why these tabloids write anything and everything they can about her to get people to buy. And the paps have been following them. TMZ reported the circus that has occurred in LA since they moved in together and several NY outlets have reported on the pap crush outside their apartment since they arrived there (likely made worse by her ex's stupid comments to Parade). She gets press just for existing. If she steps outside, cuts her hair, etc. it becomes international news. She doesn't need to work to get press. The only reason they haven't been papped much since last week is that they left NY and went to visit his family in Virginia (per tweets) and for her to do her premiere in Washington for Five, and seem to have stayed in a hotel upon returning to NY this weekend. Now that they are back in LA, they will probably be able to return to their low profile since they can travel in cars from one gated location to another.
Freyda Freyda 5 years
LOL!!! JustGossip .... you are a hoot and a half. We get the details of Jen's dinners with Vince, Paul, Scott, Justin, John, Chris ... everyone but the grip she was boning when she shot "Traveling" ... nt famous enough I guess .. and her birthday parties, her introduction dinners of her "boyfriends" to her father and step-mother and etc. Remarkable that Jen is so open and repetitious about her courting & dining and so eager to let her neighbors record the goings on. Amazing coincidence that repeats over and over and over.
loser60 loser60 5 years
reality check needed - these people aren't your family - lighten up - it's just entertainment
JustGossip JustGossip 5 years
Who do you think gives entertainment media the details of how Justin gazed into Jen's eyes all through dinner as they held hands and fed each other white truffle pasta? GMAFB!!!! ************** On of the hundred other people eating at the restaurant, the waiter, the manager of the restaurant, the owner looking to get more customers into his/her establishment. Take your pick.
loser60 loser60 5 years
cont to use the back exit PLEASE and try to get your own identity
Freyda Freyda 5 years
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are FOS my dear JustGossip. We have had near daily updates on the Jen & Justin's "romance". Who do you think gives entertainment media the details of how Justin gazed into Jen's eyes all through dinner as they held hands and fed each other white truffle pasta? GMAFB!!!! We have had the paparazzi parade for the last 2 weeks so let's see if that really dies down now that her Lifetime film is screened (... and so Brad's premiere week is over).
jeso jeso 5 years
i believe the two are very private because in different news article where they were being interviewed, they rarely mention about their life together... many people are watching them including the haters who are quick to criticize them.. they were being followed everywhere by paparazzi.. can't help being popular
jeso jeso 5 years
the way i see it JA is becoming more and more beautiful and JT is becoming more handsome everyday.... no wonder they were being followed wherever they go
JustGossip JustGossip 5 years
@Tichrissie Be more private? Can't really do anything about the fact that the paps follow them around 24/7. In six months they have posed for a total of seven photos together, two of those were with other people. They have refused to walk down any red carpets together. Jen has refused all questions about him during the dozens and dozens of interviews she gave for "Horrible Bosses" and "Five". There weren't even any bikini shots during their two week vacation in Hawaii, just a couple of photos the first few days they were on the island. Some people roll out their relationship in a 60 page magazine photo spread, give press conferences every day for weeks leading up to the birth of their first child, pose for endless magazine covers together even when they don't have anything to promote, give a full rundown to people magazine every three months about intimate details of their family life, yap on about each other and their sex lives in every interview they give. I'd say Jen and Justin have been pretty private considering.
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