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Jennifer Aniston's New Haircut 2013

Jennifer Aniston Cut Her Hair — and Got Pierced!

We have the pictures of Jennifer Aniston's drastic new haircut! The actress, whose locks have long been an inspiration for women everywhere, stepped out for an appointment in LA on Monday showing off her short new 'do — doesn't it kind of take you back to her Friends days circa 2001? Coincidentally, Jen spilled the beans about her bob to POPSUGAR Beauty last week. She told us, "It's short! It's at my jawline and a little shorter in the back." She also told us her motivation: "I was just ready for a change. I was ready for something new, to get it out of my face, so I could have a bit of an easier go at it." Jennifer also shared a funny throwback hair habit, telling us she usually keeps her hair "up in a scrunchie of some sort!"

Jen's new cut was the work of her longtime stylist, Chris McMillan. Chris gave details of the haircut to Allure, saying that the actress texted him "a picture of a woman on TV with a haircut she liked" — how ironic, right? He went on to explain that the chop happened at Jen's house: "Usually when I cut her hair, she'll say, 'Don’t track it all over the house,' but this time she wanted to see the pile of hair on the floor." Chris was also responsible for giving Jen the famous "Rachel" style in the '90s, which she has since said was "the ugliest haircut" she'd ever seen. As if the haircut wasn't enough, Jen took her makeover a bit further with a new piercing. She and makeup artist Gucci Westman decided to get their upper ears pierced (one ear each). Gucci shared a photo of their new studs on Instagram, saying, "Me and #jenniferaniston got our ears pierced today!!! #memories."

What do you think of Jen's new look? See more photos when you keep reading.

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Image Source: X17 Online
Join The Conversation
anroer anroer 3 years

its still in her face AND dirty. Why not get a hairband or pull it back?

scorpioc scorpioc 3 years

Omg shes so obsessed with Brad shes trying to look like him lmfao!!!

Miliani15123394 Miliani15123394 3 years
I guess in her last ditch effort to win Brad back, she decided to look like him. She's way too pretty for this haircut!
SUSAN15107580 SUSAN15107580 3 years
Hideous haircut! What was she thinking? She had beautiful hair? This cut makes her face look too masculine. Not a fan.
sassyplanet sassyplanet 3 years
I think Jen can pull off anything she wants! She's gorgeous and has that real natural elegance. I really like it. I know she's not smiling, but she's not exactly at a photo shoot...
Noreen15046105 Noreen15046105 3 years
I'd like to see a pic of her smiling and looking at the camera with her new hair. These pics do nothing for her and she is beautiful, just not a fan of these pics
Kimbie1958 Kimbie1958 3 years
ya'll haters need to save your whining for someone your arent jealous og....lolololol
Debbie15044628 Debbie15044628 3 years
Don't like the way it looks in these pics. looks sloppy and dirty and looks like its needs a good brushing. Oh well it will grow out.
Mary15044285 Mary15044285 3 years
Looks like a mess! Hope she was just in a hurry or something. Certainly is not flattering the way it looks in these pictures!!
Aunu1 Aunu1 3 years
her air is even in her face more with this cut, .doesn't make sense. but that's her for you.
DaffaDilly DaffaDilly 3 years
When I first saw her I thought it was David Spade. No offense to David Spade. He rocks.
Ma15038355 Ma15038355 3 years
Terrible cut, up until now she was a crap actor but cute. Was.
Myke15034298 Myke15034298 3 years
Angelina Jolie is laughing her butt off, guaranteed. The cut is a disaster but I don't blame Chris McMillan considering what he had to work with. Jen probably insisted that he give her a Brazilian Blow-Out every other day and the hair finally broke off. As for her weak excuse about wanting to keep her hair out of her eyes, she's obviously trying to HIDE behind what's left of this train wreck. Can't blame her for that, though.
PastaPrincessa PastaPrincessa 3 years
Ask me again after she washes her hair. As is, it just looks gross.
Barbara15028806 Barbara15028806 3 years
The hair length looks better than her old, stale do but without a better cut (she paid for that?), a wash and a combing she just looks like "trailer trash". Pathetic that many folks in show biz haven't a clue as to good grooming. With their well-paid entourages you would think someone would tell them what looks bad!
Sienna15028722 Sienna15028722 3 years
I got my hair cut almost identical to hers..and mine did not look like it needed a brush or looks dirty..but i love the cut
Laura15028624 Laura15028624 3 years
Ugh...looks bad. How about combing your hair? Do not like her. Terrible actress. Hair cut..yuck. That was the only thing going for her was her hair.
Terri15027885 Terri15027885 3 years
What's up with the pursed lips. I hate to see people do that. Hair cut does look cute, but it looks like she needs to wash it.
Nancy15027765 Nancy15027765 3 years
I think it looks dirty... Hopefully she'll figure out something to do with it.
Ladycamelot15027299 Ladycamelot15027299 3 years
I agree with Jeanne, I'm a Jennifer fan but unless she cut her hair to look like a frumpy soccer ball mom (for a movie role), I think her silky longer locks looked much more sexy and beautiful.
Dawn15027181 Dawn15027181 3 years
I am sure once she washes her hair and combs it she'll look great.
brian brian 3 years
i like!
Anne15026905 Anne15026905 3 years
She would be beautiful bald. She is gorgeous. Hair, no hair, does not matter. I prefer this look. Natural, not overdone and plastic. She looks very real here.
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