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Jennifer Aniston for Nike

So RUMORS have been swirling that Jennifer Aniston may be the next big name to pimp Nike. We totally think this is an awesome idea since Jennifer Aniston has the perfectly toned body! We are a sucker for a great ad campaign since we used to work in that world. If Nike could land Jennifer Aniston then we would totally support it. They should throw money at her. Why you ask? Not only is she a recent winner of the best legs poll, but she supposedly wants to donate the money to a cancer charity. She even wants to team up with her fit friend Sheryl Crow. I personally have been an Adidas girl for years, but I would just do it for Jen any day!

Here's more about the possible campaign so read more

NIKE is interested in Jennifer Aniston and she has been approached, she did NOT say no! They are looking for a Super bowl commercial time slot and some photo spreads.

She has been offered big $$ (the most they have ever paid for endorsement) but she is looking for something along the lines of donating to her favorite Cancer charities & to bring focus on curing cancer. This also may include Sheryl Crow. (that was 'suggested' by Aniston) The NIKE team are looking for a slot that is long enough for a two parter. NIKE is offering Aniston control over the Charity portion, and she is thinking of signing up some Famous cancer survivors.

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