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Jennifer Aniston Jokes About Marrying George Clooney and Dating — Awesome or Awkward?

Jennifer Aniston opened up about everything from friends to dating in the May issue of UK magazine Red. The actress was promoting her fragrance, but talk turned to how hard it is to date in Hollywood, saying, "You have to normalise it! You would die otherwise. But no, I’m not a big fan of dating. I have dinner with male friends and it’s instantly, 'that’s the new man.' The phone is ringing off the hook from your publicist saying, 'Did you have dinner with so and so?' and it’s 'yes, I did and no, I’m not.' So you sort of just meet people." Jennifer also joked about the pressure to have kids, and the interviewer suggested that she run off with the only man who is under the same scrutiny to settle down, George Clooney. Jennifer and George have known each other for years and he is good friends with her ex husband Brad Pitt. Still, she played along, playfully responding, "That would definitely shut up the world! I could call up George, say, 'Hon, let’s just get hitched and have kids...' I should take George to lunch and we can figure out how to put an end to all this... Ha! Well... No." It's a cute quote, but with their history and the fact that he's in a serious relationship perhaps an uncomfortable topic. So what do you think about Jennifer's statements on dating and Clooney — awesome or awkward?

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jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
whatever - chick has more money than all of you, myself included....that said, I think she's being funny since he's in the closet and people speculate as to why he's never had kids, is a perpetual bachelor etc etc
Artemis Artemis 6 years
It's funny how all these anonymous contributors find the need to call somebody who dares criticizing their idol a "hater" and even accuse those who criticize of being self-centered and narcassistic...I have nothing personal against Jennifer Aniston as I don't know her personally but since she is a public figure, I believe I can indeed express my point of view that she is over-exposing herself and that a lot of hype is created around her to take attention away from the fact that all her latest movies are low-quality (and low earning). If Jennifer Aniston came back with a good movie or something new to say, about something real in her life, I would be happy for her, and would probably even like to see her on the cover of a magazine. Right now, however, I think the Brad story and her so-called romances are getting old - and because Popsugar is my daily five-minute fix where I can express my opinions on this type of very, very non-serious issue, I do take the time to write. This does not make me a hater, nor a self-centered person.
JoanieDingess57 JoanieDingess57 6 years
Jennifer was just rolling with the suggestion and intended no real answer there. She said, "well, no." to the idea. Lets not fry her for someone else's lapse in judgment
noonehere noonehere 6 years
why would Popsugar make a big story out of this joke? Nasty!
Hesiod Hesiod 6 years
sorry Sugar, but this poll is stupid
bryseana bryseana 6 years
Is this magazine sold in the U.S.? I'd like to buy this issue.
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