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Jen4 Jen4 5 years
:D yeah why do you care?
mina88 mina88 6 years
#17, um, why do you care so much?
mina88 mina88 6 years
This was her chance to really show people that she's not superficial and has some kind of depth and passion for the roles she's chosen, and she decides to channel Carrie Bradshaw. It's not cool to pretend to be a dimwit. Especially on the Actor's Studio. It's just really sad that she makes so many dumb choices, from who she's dating to how she chooses to portray herself.
arrowstraite arrowstraite 6 years
Interior design? before she said events planner. So basically nothing. She's good at being rich though.
Sue56 Sue56 6 years
I also used to love this show and I also lost respect for it once they had Kate Hudson and Bradley Cooper. Really ?!?! They are entertaining actors but not at all in the same league as Pacino and Colin Firth, who have been on. It's too bad because James Lipton is one hecfk of an interviewer
mar mar 6 years
not into her. This guy looks super creepy
shoes4life shoes4life 6 years
They have to ask her those kind of asinine questions because she surely don't have nothing to contribute when it comes to acting!
ameerah26 ameerah26 6 years
I find it ironic how she accused Brad of having a sensitivity chip missing when the W magazine came out with him and Angelina on the cover, but apparently its okay to have the man you just stole from his girlfriend of 14 years sitting in the front row of a nationally televised TV Show you're on.
Jen4 Jen4 6 years
american icon? :D haha ok...
northernstar northernstar 6 years
she needs a new hair stylist..i think if she grew out her hair, gave it some volume with mousse and big soft natural waves, with an offcenter part, she'd look much better. This pin-straight center parted look is all sorts of wrong for her face shape and age.
Joanna Joanna 6 years
She's just answering silly questions, not trying for anything else. I enjoy hearing a baby laugh and I don't have one. I enjoy her movies and she seems like a likeable, fun, and nice person. Why do waste time reading about her if you don't care for her? I bet you know more than I do about her and I'm a fan.
greenjade greenjade 6 years
Her least fave word is stupid. Yeah because she knows it describes her.
greenjade greenjade 6 years
What sound or noise do you love? "A baby hysterically laughing" She seems insincere! She doesn't even have a baby yet. I mean, i'm sure she hears the sound of her friends' babies but really, the laugh of a baby?? And her favorite word is Norman, her dead dog, lol, can she be less stupid? There is nothing intelligent in all her answers!!!!
popfaninMD popfaninMD 6 years
I can't wait to see Jen Aniston on Inside the Actors Studio. She's an Emmy awarding actress and a very successful film actress who has become an American icon.
ameerah26 ameerah26 6 years
I used to love Inside the Actors Studio but now its seems like they are scraping the bottom of the barrel of who they let on the show. Jennifer Aniston?? The woman has played the same character in pretty much every film she has been in.
ojoba ojoba 6 years
jen seems very happy and contented,hopefully justin is the one to take away the fool's paradise of her finding the right guy as the media portrayal of her having to do so for so long,its her life and i believe this isn't just another fling but true love finally,she deserves it .
Jamie-Lou Jamie-Lou 6 years
I hope she finds the love of her life, she deserves it. I would like to see her happy after what Brad did to her I think she is a little afraid of being hurt again....Good for you Jen
arrowstraite arrowstraite 6 years
Gaadamn! her hands look like the crypt keeper! Why do they look like that?
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