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Jennifer Garner Talking About Ben Affleck's Nude Scene

Jennifer Garner on Ben Affleck's Nude Scene: "You're Welcome"

Jennifer Garner weighed in on Ben Affleck's much-talked-about full-frontal scene in Gone Girl when she stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show in an episode that will air on Tuesday. When Ellen tried to coyly address the issue with Jen, she joked, "He's showing his penis . . . What I have to say is, 'You're welcome.' I just try to consider myself a charitable person and I wanted to give back. You give me so much, I wanted to give something back to all of you." Jen also added that she and Ben didn't have a conversation about his nude scene, although when Ben mentioned it to his wife after filming she joked that she hoped they "used a wide lens." Watch the full clip above.

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