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Jennifer Lawrence Movie or Wine Review Video

Jennifer Lawrence Invites You to Go Wine Tasting With Her and Drunk Dial Your Exes

We've always said that Jennifer Lawrence would make one hell of a drinking buddy, and now the very hilarious thought of knocking back a few with her could become a reality. The Mother! actress is the latest celebrity to partner with Omaze, an organization that offers people amazing experiences (many with celebrities) in exchange for their support of various charities. In this case, Jen wants you to help her fix this country's broken political system through Represent.Us by hitting a few wineries together. She promises to day drink, chat, and drunk dial a few of your (and her) exes. And in honor of the contest, Jen played a game of "Wine Review or Movie Review?" to prove she can tell the difference between the two. Spoiler alert: she can't. Watch the hilarious video above before you enter to win 100 times.

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