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Jennifer Lopez Harper's Bazaar February

Jennifer Opens Up But She's Still Got Her Secrets

Jennifer Lopez is glowing and gorgeous on the cover of the February issue of Harper's Bazaar. Guess she didn't want to go and bare her baby bump like other stars before her — you wouldn't even know she was pregnant from this photo. In the article, however, J Lo isn't afraid to open up about keeping her pregnancy a secret and what the future holds for her career as a working mom. Here are highlights:

  • On waiting to confirm her pregnancy: "I do realize people want to know because they're interested, but this is the first time I'm going through this. This is my experience and my husband's experience, and we get to hold that for a little while. Kind of feel like everybody knew anyway. I was on tour with a bubble gut!"
  • On maintaining her privacy: "I'm just feeling too protective to open that door right now. It's a Pandora's box. It's a destructive lifestyle to be out there. I know because I've lived it. Being on the cover of the tabloids every day for two years — it's hard. You start forgetting who you really are inside."

To see what J Lo had to say about getting back to work after the baby (or babies) is born, just read more

  • On taking time off: "I don't know — and I like that, because my life has been so planned for so many years. Once I did the tour, I really just wanted to shut it down, and since then I've had to do three things, including a video. It may not sound like a lot, but you know, at this point, any woman can sympathize. It is a lot. I was ready just to sit."

Jennifer has been one of Hollywood's hardest workers over the years, so we don't blame her for wanting to take a break for awhile. Plus, running after a baby or two won't exactly be a quiet vacation from making movies and going on tour.

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