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Camarogirl67 Camarogirl67 9 years
Breathtaking. She still looks unbelievable.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
this movie is gonna Tank!
nuki nuki 9 years
she's the dreamgirl of so many men and i guess women that i think she doesn't want to loose her fans over having a baby. it really is amazing how as she ages, she gets more and more beautiful and graceful.
girlfriday girlfriday 9 years
She looks totally fierce.
demeter demeter 9 years
I love them together, I hope they don't ever divorce!
mavo mavo 9 years
Marc already ruined the movie just by showing his face. Jen looks smokin'!
Lill-McGill Lill-McGill 9 years
Love her dress!!
pinupsweetheart pinupsweetheart 9 years
She looks beautiful!
giazpt giazpt 9 years
Jennifer looks great. Its about time jennifer does some real acting iam tired of her romantic comedies.
lorenashley lorenashley 9 years
kate425 kate425 9 years
J-Lo is beautiful, but her husband? He needs to eat!
Rnicolew Rnicolew 9 years
They look great and, Jenny is working that gown in a major way!
ace1 ace1 9 years
i read she was pregnant with ben's kid but had a miscarriage early on anyone else here that??
crazygirl93 crazygirl93 9 years
She looks stunning but for some reason I don't like her husband...
any any 9 years
she looks great but he in the other hand... i guess i pass!
monica117 monica117 9 years
I was always under the impression that the reason she never toured is because she can't sing. Should be interesting to see how they manage to sort that out on tour.
Jillness Jillness 9 years
She looks beautiful, but her bustline contouring make up is too heavy handed! It looks tacky like that! Blend Jen, blend.
lula29 lula29 9 years
Personally I think her and Marc look good together here. She looks more content and happy, which is the best way to stay young. Marc Anthony is a huge Latin star, so she's in no way overpowering him, they balance each other. I think it took her a long time to find someone to do that. They were good friends first, so I doubt he's her rebound guy. Honestly, he might not be a "hunk" but the best guy for her IMO. I also think she's connecting with her roots more these days, and this movie, and the other movies and music she's been making is about that. I doubt she cares much about what critics think, as she should. Critics suck at picking out movies most times. I never listen to them.
tati33 tati33 9 years
her dress is fantastic..she looks great... marc is a great singer..hope their concert doesnt last 45 minutes as that was how long his last concert in LA was...
Alisha_Stiletto Alisha_Stiletto 9 years
Just an fyi for those of you who think that Marc Anthony is in JLO's "shadow" - think again. He's HUGE in the Latin community and has been a megastar for years. That man is MAGIC. I cant wait to see the movie El Cantante - its going to be a major deal. Please please PLEASE let JLO not suck and ruin the whole movie. *Fingers crossed*
DulceSkye DulceSkye 9 years
She looks very beautiful, and glamorous.
tabloidprincess tabloidprincess 9 years
She looks nice as usual.
love2hate love2hate 9 years
she's still looking hot! too bad her movie got panned by the critics already.
VaneM77 VaneM77 9 years
She looks absolutely beautiful! That dress is gorgeous as well! Marc Anthony always looks like he's been hitting the crack but hey they seem to be happy with one another so thats good! I can't wait to see this movie cause my parents are huge Hector fans and I practically grew up on his music!
rcgfg rcgfg 9 years
For someone that wants kids so bad she sure is eager to go on tour instead of realaxing and trying to get pregnant. Maybe she can'thave kids and that's why Ben dumped her. Cuz he marries Jen Garner and bam there making babies obviously he wanted kids. Maybe Jlo is Jen Anninston with the claim for kids but not wrecking her body..JLo would be huge
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