I apologize in advance for ANOTHER Jessica story today but it's unavoidable. Once again, it's time for her to rule the tabloids. We were over saturated with her and Nick during their split and now she is everywhere declaring her new love. Perfect timing since her album just hit stores this week. People and US are reporting on her new man, John Mayer. Here's more from People:

"She's head over heels," says the source close to her. "She's telling friends, 'I'm in love.' "

So is Mayer Simpson's Mr. Right? Although the singer told Glamour magazine in its new issue, "I feel good being married to myself right now," sources close to her say she is savoring the new romance. "They've barbecued at her house," says a Simpson insider. "She's just started gardening, and he impressed her by knowing all the flowers she planted." Mayer is also "the antithesis of Nick," says the source. "He makes her feel special and beautiful and smart. Nick used to laugh when she said something that didn't sound smart."

For now, the couple are simply enjoying a fun, if no-longer-quite-so-private, affair. "It's in the first stages," says the Simpson source. "She realizes it's been very sudden and they haven't known each other really long. But the signals and the emotions seem right."

I just don't see it.