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Halle Berry
Halle Berry Is Aging Backward, and It Needs to Be Discussed
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wicca_08 wicca_08 9 years
She needs to lighten up, smile Jess!
glamed glamed 9 years
cannot stand her she seems like the biggest b**ch!
Silvers567 Silvers567 9 years
Totally self absorbed, REALLY ignorant (HS education only... if that), completely out of touch with the world, no empathy or feelings for anyone who is not famous. Can't stand her. Also, has anyone seen the trailer for her new movie? I've know many blind hoes and dicks in college, let me tell you. If you are blind, you don;t wear designer clothing and look like you got a stylist. Also, you can't really style your hair like Frederick Frekkai lives in your bathroom, for one simple reason: YOU CAN'T SEE A THING!
kikinou kikinou 9 years
Personal I find it a great actice do dislike a certain towel that I lie on the Web, the more it will be a mom first surper 1 attention she has it 2 ell smiles even if not a paparazzi package its fout 3 as it arises same issues that all women sense arises While some person is better to remain silent rather than criticize his actions without fact and Constantly because it might be even worse and bad mood sans relache be watching spy breached their privacy and spying on such low Me for me and my friends JESSICA IS THE BEST THANKS
michelleannette michelleannette 9 years
it's nice that she's staying active during her pregnancy, but for her i think it's unhealthy. she is so obsessed with her body. i just hope she doesn't hurt the baby.
ariyana_anthony ariyana_anthony 9 years
i think she is cute but most of the time she doesnt kno what she is talkin bout! ;) like when she said" IM NOT LATINA"
pequeña pequeña 9 years
I normally love how she dresses but I don't like that hat. She should concentrate on her pregnancy and not on her weight right now, but I still understand that she has a lot of pressure. Anyway, I don't think she's looking unhappy in those pictures just because she's not waving and smiling to the paparazzi.
creepupmytee creepupmytee 9 years
blah blah blah.
erratic-assassin erratic-assassin 9 years
I didnt know her personally, but one of my exes said she was snob in high school..she used to go to school in the Pomona, CA area or somethin and he said she walked around like her shit dont stink. AND that she would walk around sayin she was gonna be famous and what-not...which she did ultimately. but even my ex....who is a guy's guy and loves women...said that her personality was such a turnoff.
purple_sage purple_sage 9 years
i meant she'll be less absorbed once she has a child and the child will be the centre of her world not her :wink:
purple_sage purple_sage 9 years
maybe it's good she's pregnant, then she will be less self-absorbed and worried about her weight and looks.. btw i think she is the WORST actor i've seen, totally not believable
angelbb angelbb 9 years
i meant the most beautiful girl in the world.
babsee babsee 9 years
ugly a** coat
angelbb angelbb 9 years
she is the most beautuful girl the world, just look at that gorgeous face wow..........
coachluvr33 coachluvr33 9 years
She is so body obsessed it is ridiculous. She is so overrated also that it is unbelievable. All she has is that bikini body so if she loses that, she will be done.
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
cute scarf
kiwigirl kiwigirl 9 years
kgirl99, is that true? i think i saw the pictures of her in elementary school. that's so lame of her. erratic-assassin, is she really such a snob? goodness, i found reason to dislike her more. i don't get it either. how come her publicists don't find some way to smack some sense into her before these interviews? i'm getting the "real" alba, but i definitely think the "real" alba is bitchy, whiny, conceited, and very very passive aggressive. every interview about her always have me come up with new reasons to dislike her, even when i'm trying to find the good things. it's sad when the only thing i can find appealing about her is her skin. she seems to have good skin. her face is going to freeze like that.
Kgirl99 Kgirl99 9 years
erratic--i also had a friend who went to church with alba in junior high and she said the same thing--she's a big snob, and was always popular. so all that talk about her being unattractive when she was young is basically a lie. you can even see what she looked like when she was young on never been kissed--they have elementary school pictures and she was always pretty. i don't know why alba always has to lie about being attractive when she was young, i don't get it.
browneyedchica browneyedchica 9 years
She's always been obsessed with her wieght, but its good that she still works out. And why should she look happy when strange people take pictures of her?
grablife365 grablife365 9 years
I wish I could have seen her interview last night other than the Extra one. Anyways, I don't dislike her at all. I agree with lms. You don't need to pig out cause you're pregnant. Eating for two is not true you're just eating a little extra and on top of that staying active throughout is important. Gaining too much too fast is not healthy for mom or baby. Seems like as a celebrity you just can't win with people. Say nothing, something, the wrong thing, and maybe even the right thing to some and people will jump down your throat for it. I think she'll be a fine mother. She'll be back to her body and her work afterwards if she so chooses.
tuscanstellina tuscanstellina 9 years
She comes across as too self absorbed to be a giving parent.
Merlin713 Merlin713 9 years
I saw some of her interview on E! (I think that's where it was) and she seems sooo lame! I barely have heard her voice, because I haven't seen her movies at all. It was just interesting. She was asked how Cash is dealing with things, and her response was so----forced.
DaniCalifornia DaniCalifornia 9 years
I like her, for the most part. I think she's a little conceited and tries too hard to pretend she's not. And yet I still like her. Completely off top (and not to make anyone sad), but...her hat reminds me of Heath Ledger. :(
lms lms 9 years
That wasn't supposed to post twice...sorry. I also got the impression from her interview that she had a rough first trimester. She was probably sick most of the time.
meowtomekitty meowtomekitty 9 years
if you click on "alittle concern" on the post, it takes you to Extra and shows you a vid of her talking about breast feeding, plus, SHE GETS NEW, EXPENSIVE, BABY STUFF FOR FREE.,, for free? MAN THIS GIRL IS RICH! LET HER BUY IT! GIVE IT TO SOMEONE WHO REALLY NEEDS IT!
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