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star42 star42 9 years
That drink she is holding is AWESOME!!! It't called ViB and is only in the Dallas area!!
warrawarra warrawarra 9 years
I'm sure you all have seen worse... >_>
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
Thats disgusting.
Kitten98 Kitten98 9 years
Does anyone else think she looks like she's on something? Her pupils are enormous.
PinkNC PinkNC 9 years
I think you’re right when you speak of their childhood *pinkprincess*. But I feel that Nick acted as if he loved her more. He seemed very patient with her mood swings, gave her what she did and did NOT need (spoiled her too much), tolerated her pouting like a toddler, and put up with her parents. And in the end he still wanted to work things out after the cameras were off. But from what my friend tells me, Jessica never wanted to try and reconcile. She said that Jessica was always focused more on her career than him from start to finish. Do you agree with her too a degree? And yes I guess I could give Jessica points for waiting until she was married. That can be hard on a couple to hold off for a long time.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
Isn't that the truth pinknc I love the stars by my screenname, I think shes just like shitshit in some sense missed out on there childhood that's why they are acting like highschool kids, I just think jessica had a better team to make sure the public saw the good things about her and nothing else as far as newlyweds they both in my opion seemed very in love nick always looked very annoyed with her I think it was her corniness, she seemed more in love than he did, but I honestly don't think she married him for publicity they were dating for years prior to the marriage and saved herself for him, that says alot
PinkNC PinkNC 9 years
I'm always cool with you *pinkprincess1101* I understood you clearly. I mean we can't always agree. And I know we will never agree about Jessica. I think she's grown up a little since her divorce, but she still has a long way to go in my opinion.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
Pinknc I didn't want you to misinterpert what I was trying to say, I really don't love her though I like her but that's it I always enjoy your paragraphs about her and your beliefs
PinkNC PinkNC 9 years
I know you love her *pinkprincess1101* and I'll always remember that. But those are just my beliefs and facts, and a lot of other people's too. I'm sure you know how I meant it :)
sidra5397 sidra5397 9 years
eww... tongue and blue stuff... this kind of display of affection need not be public! Licking each other's tongues in public is not cool... ugh!
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
pinknc actually some of those things that you say are facts are not, like a good actress that is an opinion some may like her as an actress, i personally dont other than in employee of the month, a good singer that is also an opinion some may like her music i did, facts are things that are proven with evidence without an opinion, her father with her and her men on vacation that is a fact because it is proven
PinkNC PinkNC 9 years
“Yeah, she was “minding her OWN business” when she purposely married Nick Lachey for all the wrong reasons. So is Jessica trying to tell other young women that it’s ok to use a man to further their career, even if they have to lie and say marriage vows to him? Jessica never respected Nick enough to even take his last name, mostly because she knew she would not be married to him that long. Jessica gave one of the dogs Nick’s last name .......and that part fired me up when she said it with a smile. Is Jessica telling other women that they should ignore their boyfriend or husband when he’s in need of attention and love, and instead just go out shopping with your girlfriend or your gay best friend, or possibly hang with another person that annoys their husband so that he won’t come around them? In Jessica’s case it would be her annoying father that kept Nick at a distance from her. Jessica couldn’t have cared less what physically happened to her own husband as long as it didn’t interfere with her good publicity. Nick was nowhere near perfect. But Jessica neglected him, disrespected, and belittled his manhood in front of the world like it was joke and his love meant nothing .......because to her it didn’t. So Jessica is supposed to be a great “role model” .......I think NOT!” ***Amesabelle*** You should get over the fact that Jessica is just not liked by many men and women. And they will continue to post their true feelings because it is just so.
PinkNC PinkNC 9 years
*Amesabelle* You continue to question because you don’t want to let it go that my posting was for someone else and not you, and I clearly pointed that out. Plus the fact that the things that I mentioned was the truth. Jessica disrespected her husband.....that’s a fact. She has no real music career.....that’s a fact. Jessica cannot act in any movie role.....that’s a fact. Her modeling is not all that great.....that’s fact. Her father follows her & her men almost everywhere that they go.....that’s a fact. She didn’t take care of her pets.....that’s a fact. She didn’t take care of her own personal hygiene.....that’s a fact. Millions of people have already seen these things with their own eyes, that’s why they comment like they do. They simply do not like her behavior and they are free to say so without "motive". And I know that you don’t understand what “marrying for publicity” means, and I know why you don’t. I’ve already stated that fact once before too in so many words, meaning very little, as to not offend your intelligence or to be rude. As for “junior high jealousy” truly cannot comprehend particular phrasing, even things that are surely blunt. You know like something as clear as me already stating that I was A-sexual. Most of my friends here on Pop knows that already. So I cannot be attracted to Nick Lachey in that manner. I don’t know how I can make that simpler for you. I never once commented on how good or bad Nick was before or after the marriage. My only words were about how Jessica behaved, or did you not notice or comprehend that either. Now my first posting was deleted, but I never mentioned Nick in that manner in the first one either, or how he physically looked. Again, it was all about Jessica. All I said was this........
Amesabelle Amesabelle 9 years
Your comments imply junior high jealousy and a strangely over-protective attitude towards Nick Lachey, hence the use of the word crush. Again, for someone who doesn't hate this woman, you certainly have a lot of ranting to do. About her as shown by your 4th long, long posting. I am perfectly aware of what marrying for publicity's sake means, dear. If you re-read what I wrote, you'll see that I don't understand how their particular relationship translates into marrying for publicity. There is a BIG difference, hon. Not defending Jessica Simpson, just questioning people's motives.
Melissa-Rae Melissa-Rae 9 years
Ew. Seeing her all covered in cake is disgusting. She looks like a total tramp. I'm not saying that cause I don't like cake or PDA, she just makes EVERYTHING look cheap and trashy. Because she is.
PinkNC PinkNC 9 years
*Amesabelle* I do not and could not have a “crush” on Nick Lachey. For one, I don’t think that grown women should say that they have a “crush” on any grown man. The other reason is because I am A-sexual. So therefore I have no interest in Nick Lachey’s physical appearance or anything else that you could fathom. So know me before you comment about who and what I like intimately. And you are free of course to call it ranting but it is the truth....and also I was NOT talking to you. Another user made a comment that sounded as if she was insisting that Jessica Simpson was a “role model”, which is actually the exact words that she used. The other poster commented on why she believed that. And then I commented to all the reasons why I believe that Jessica is not. We both expressed our opinions. Now since I did NOT say your name at the beginning of either of those posts, then you were free to go over them, just as I have went over other users very long posts when they were angry about something, or just felt the need to vent about something positive as well. As for your last comment....There are many women that play men for a fool for many years before they finally say “I do” and become married….that’s just a fact that grown woman know. And if you do not understand what “simply getting married for publicities sake” means, then I am not going to waste my time explaining it too you. Adults should know what that means. And Jessica Simpson has been given too many “breaks” that she has surely ruined. So I will not give her another, even though I do not hate her. I only dislike her ways when it comes to her being such a charlatan. Also I never once called Jessica a whore or slut. You should think about the words that you use towards other users. You should not tell other users not to take things so personally, when you yourself are also making it a personal matter. You are taking the time out of your day to read what others have written, and then you in turn defend Jessica Simpson as well when you post a comment for or against another poster, over Jessica Simpson.
jaan_black jaan_black 9 years
ill, the blue frosting doesn't look like it'll wash off her fingers...she's not a wh*re anymore than you people; she's just speeeecial when it comes to her education level and street smarts ;)
Community-Manager Community-Manager 9 years
Hey Everyone, Just a friendly reminder to read that little blurb above the comment box, "We like a happy community, therefore we moderate our comments. Vicious attacks on other users, extremely bad language, and other things that don't make for a happy place will not be allowed." Be sure to respect each other's opinions and not to attack each other! Also, don't forget to report any comments attacking other members! Cheers team
Amesabelle Amesabelle 9 years
Wow, my post was deleted for some reason. Once again, PinkNC, for someone who claims to not hate Jessica Simpson, you certainly feel the need to post three incredibly long, INCREDIBLY judgemental rantings about her. I wonder why you take her so personally. Maybe harboring a crush on Nick Lachey? They were together for almost 4 years when they finally got married. Not sure how that translates into getting married simply for publicity's sake. She was young. Maybe too young emotionally to get married. People make that mistake all the time, but don't have their lives on camera to catch it all. Give the girl a break.
elle86 elle86 9 years
gross. so this is what she has to do to stay in the headlines, considering her music career isn't that great and her movie career is.... wait, career? let's call it a JOKE.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
i dont know how too groom a dog, nor do i care to know, but i can say i have three wonderful children, thats funny her family shouldnt be tagging along but its ok for shitshits father to determine her every move, what to wear, what to eat, when she can be a mother, i would take jessica and all that baggage what was said over shitshit anyday
Shelleybean Shelleybean 9 years
She must've learned these moves at bible camp
littlebmac littlebmac 9 years
I meant to say that she does overact for the benefit of the cameras!
littlebmac littlebmac 9 years
The scene from Tony's birthday party looks like fun for them. She doesn't the overacted feeding each other cake thing because she knows that the photos will end up in a magazine or on some site. I agree she does give the vibe of slut because she has been with other men, even while she was still married to Nick. I do hope that Tony has the good sense to run away when the idea of marriage comes up. She has to grow up and learn to manage her life without her father's influence and control. By then, Tony will dump her ass!
PinkNC PinkNC 9 years
I don’t hate Jessica Simpson, but her behavior has been truly duly noted for me. One day Jessica will honestly know what regret means. Jessica Simpson is a poster child for wannabe’s. She wants to be a good actress but it is clearly not going to happen. Jessica wants to be a great singer that has a number one CD each time around, but that is honestly not happening with her anymore. Jessica probably wants to be a wife in the VERY distant future, but she has yet to grow up enough to know what they truly means. And she has yet to know that your family should not follow you around like bodyguards or lost puppies, and they should never rule over your marriage or any relationship that you have. Jessica may want to be known for giving money to charity, but she is not going to give up her own money because it may just put a dent in her unneeded addicted shopping habits. She is not going to hold sick children in an orphanage but Jessica will gladly lick her dog’s mouth on TV after it throws up. That is gross. And if Jessica can’t even give her dog a bath, brush its teeth, groom it, or feed it a proper diet, then what do you think she’d do with her own children? Jessica showed the world that she doesn’t care much for her own personal hygiene, and this woman had a man living with her, and she tried on designer clothes for photo shoots, or to by them sometimes, while being unclean before she left out for the day. Jessica has even proved that she cannot properly pick up after herself around the house. If Jessica had kids with Nick then they would probably be with him full time. And in the end after they’ve grown up they’d probably praise their father (Nick) for keeping it that way. *Jessica Simpson is not a role model* Sure, there is nothing wrong with having fun and taking silly photos. I mean you are supposed to be having a fun time. That’s why it’s called a PARTY. I think most women here this morning just don’t like the fact that she’s tonguing and posing that way, while knowing the photos will be all over the Internet by morning. But then again .....Jessica Simpson is not a great “role model” as you just stated *ImmaDiva*. Lastly .....Jessica may act as if she loves Tony Romo but for what true reason does she pretend to love this time around? In my eyes the best Grammy deserving role that Jessica Simpson has played to date pretending that she loves. And sadly for the men who honestly love her….they always end up suffering the most. *Jessica Simpson is not a role model* .....Just my opinion this morning :)
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