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PinkNC PinkNC 9 years
I agree with Yami...just let it go.
tati33 tati33 9 years
:ROTFL: LorenAshley When I got this issue in the mail yeserday i was like :OY: But I'm interested in the diet plan that her trainer stands by...
mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 9 years
:[ I wish she would say something intelligent for once.
maddiemay maddiemay 9 years
Is it just me or does it seem a bit hurtful of Jessica when she responded to 'good friend' Rachel Leigh Cook's 'I've never seen you angry or in a bad mood. What is that like?' with 'people who love me know when I'm angry'.. so RLC doesn't love her?! I do like Jessica though-- she provides entertainment- and she's in the industry so doing what she does to 'entertain'!
allien86 allien86 9 years
I dont mind her. Not a huge fan but not a hater. Dont like the cover pic though.
demeter demeter 9 years
I think she looks beautiful and the questions are totally cute. I can't wait to buy it.
Audrey1974 Audrey1974 9 years
How did she get the cover when she has NOTHING going on? Boo... On the plus side, though, she's not doing that stupid faux-sexy look she always does (ew, it's on the 8th page). She has a nice smile; she should show that off more. It suits her more.
coachluvr33 coachluvr33 9 years
Jessica must go away. Please...
poisonivy poisonivy 9 years
How did she get this cover anyway?
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 9 years
Love Jessica!
jennybop jennybop 9 years
she looks like faith hill on the cover
lollypoppers lollypoppers 9 years
I've always liked Jessica, she just seems so nice.!
nsgal1975 nsgal1975 9 years
She really annoys me. I can't stand her-- she seems fake, superficial, and lacks substance. I am also annoyed at how airbrushed she is in that mag! Goodness, it looks like a mannequin instead of a person!
VaneM77 VaneM77 9 years
I think that cover is horrible! What's up with her boobs there? :rotfl: The second pic is cute but she is still annoying to me!
romes romes 9 years
To yami_mf, I have a right to my opinion. Someone else said they didn't like her either. What happened to free speech? I was her biggest fan from the beginning before people knew who she was. I just think she is a huge hipppocrite. I'm am just sick of seeing her and her career has gone down the drain and she has only herself to blame.
spygirl658 spygirl658 9 years
Good to see her looking more like the "Newlyweds"-era Jess. More natural. Love her hair long and back to blonde...but I wonder how long it really is - surely she's gotta be wearing some of "her" extensions? Why is she on the cover though? I can't think of anything she's promoting except her gazillion fashion and hair extension-tastic ventures.
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 9 years
I like how InStyle got people around her to ask questions for the feature on her. They should do that more often with other subjects.
Judyh0311 Judyh0311 9 years
Oh I'll probably get pounced on for this but I just can't stand Jessica. She is just one of those people that grate's at my last nerve.
City-Love City-Love 9 years
I dont care what people say ... I love her
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 9 years
why do smart women like jessica feel they have to dumb themselves down?
haute77 haute77 9 years
i doubt any star tells the magazine to deliberately photoshop the picture. instyle is here to sell magazines and they have to make her look flawless so that people will look at the cover and buy it. that's it. she looks better without makeup anyway, so the photoshop has nothing to do with whether she is naturally beautiful.
yami_mf yami_mf 9 years
Romes We all know you hate her, you are present in every jessicas´thread posting horrendous comments, that shows how precious your time is LOL You wont change the minds of her fans BTW she did´t invent the questions! she only what!? She would never said : "I wont answer that question because Romes said so" LOL and dont forget that she has the last laugh, you know it.
JLMac JLMac 9 years
the color of the dress on the cover just doesn't look very good on her. I think another color would have done her a little more justice.
romes romes 9 years
I can't stand her either. Very photoshopped. Her interview is so stupid too. She's used to heartbreak? She did that herself. The questions they asked her are stupid, like what is your favorite pair of socks! Really in depth, not. Just as shallow as she is.
SassAndBide SassAndBide 9 years
okay i like her outfit in the second pic but otherwise blah :cocktail:
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