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sugar_bear sugar_bear 10 years
I think Ashlee is the long-lost Olsen TRIPLET! lol
nycgirl nycgirl 10 years
Jessica has naturally broad shoulders and should SO NOT do that!
Greentea1203 Greentea1203 10 years
I think Jessica's new hair looks way better than the blonde. It's about time she changed her hair
cupcake17 cupcake17 10 years
Ugh, Jessica looks like a guy! What is up with the shoulders? And the smile? Gag me....
rossi23 rossi23 10 years
Jessica simpson looks like a whore fashionista loves Vale...
rubialala rubialala 10 years
Why is Jessica standing like that in the first picture?!? :? Anyway, I do like her new hair color.
kscincotta kscincotta 10 years
Despite the pose, I still like Jess's new hair color. And in any pose at all, I still hate Beyonce's dress. And my first thought was that Ashlee was Heidi Klum, which is weird. Did she get plastic surgery to get taller or something?
JennyJen2 JennyJen2 10 years
Jessica and John pictures look like beauty and the beast! What the F is up with his head?
nomerz nomerz 10 years
I love how you picked the least flattering picture of Jessica to put in the actual post, Molly. Haha. I think the brown is a good look for her, but the horrible extensions have to go. The other day when she had it shorter with side-swepted bangs it looked amazing! I thought JM's way of making Ryan look like a total dumbass was awesome.
JennaV JennaV 10 years
Molly, you really think Jessica and John look amazing? Those pictures are almost as fake looking as the Tom and Katie pics.
sexyface sexyface 10 years
i like Jessica's dress though
sexyface sexyface 10 years
Ashlee looks great!! but Jessica, not so much
gossipqueen gossipqueen 10 years
LMAO...THAT is by far the craziest, uglies, funniest Jessica Simpson photo!
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 10 years
BTW that photoshoot reeks of Pimp Daddy.
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 10 years
I don't know if I can ever be a fan of John & Jessica together. It doesn't seem right.
Pokemyhontas Pokemyhontas 10 years
Is Jessica trying to strike a body builder pose or something? It looks utterly ridiculous!
puddinpie puddinpie 10 years
Is Jessica wearing a hair piece from her line? Her pose is so ridiculous...I don't remember her shoulders being nearly as wide a year or two ago. Check out Ciara's shoes! LOL.
miss-britt miss-britt 10 years
wow Jessica has got some quaterback shoulders. ****"Everything in life is only for now."-Avenue Q****
mar mar 10 years
Jessica looks TERRIBLE, and her body looks weird in this dress. Her shoulders do not compliment her bony man calves. Her hair is NASTY!!! Does Ken Paves HATE HER? Aslee looks good, WAY cuter then Jess. Ash has nice legs. Carrie Underwood is gorgeous. Im not too into Ciara, ever. I can not get over Jessica.
aprild aprild 10 years
wow carrie underwood looks great... beyonce..has been looking really scary lately..bleh
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 10 years
:rotfl: Jessica is like an excited 5 year old about to pee in their pants
esk4 esk4 10 years
you know what I love Jessica for, I have broad shoulders, and I don't wear alot of tanks or strapless dresses, because they look "manly" but having someone like her who has similar shoulders and isn't afraid to show em off is very inspiring to see.
brokenbracelet brokenbracelet 10 years
woah Jessica! She looks like a linebacker
LizaToad LizaToad 10 years
but i do like her darker hair
LizaToad LizaToad 10 years
jessica looks like she's sucking her stomach in as hard as she possibly can!
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