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Jessica Puts on Her Best Sulking Face

Jessica Simpson is apparently taking the high road by turning down her chance to be in Vanity Fair this September. In fact, she is so upset by Nick's tell all interview in Rolling Stone that friends have said she is heartbroken. People reports:

Jessica's reaction? "She was devastated, heartbroken," says an insider. "She didn't think he would do that."

Friends gathered at Simpson's house on the day the article came out to console her. And Lachey himself even called to check in. "He wanted her to hear it from him," says a Lachey friend. "He felt bad that she was upset. (But) Nick didn't apologize, because the things he said (in the article) only demonstrate that he loves her."

Simpson sees it differently. "What really upset her was the timing," says the insider. "Nick waited until two weeks before for his album to debut (Lachey's CD, What's Left of Me, will be released May 9] to tell a reporter that he loved Jessica. That's not cool." Furthermore, the insider adds, "he keeps saying, 'I'm sorry I couldn't make her happy,' but he is not choosing to say why."

I don't understand why she is so upset now. She was the one who ended things and Nick has every right to tell his side. If it's the timing that upset her, is she pissed that Nick is using their divorce to sell albums? Hello - haven't their entire careers been based off of timing appearances and news with albums and TV specials. Jessica is just pissed that Nick is beating her at her own game.

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