Say my name, say my name, Jessica. Well, she may not say your name, but she is singing it, literally. Jessica sang 500 names for "Custom Cuts," and now fans can download their name into the second verse of Public Affair. You might think personalized media is just a sales gimmick... and it is, but it's catching on very fast. Here's more:

In what might be termed a first in "addressable" music marketing, Ms. Simpson and her backup singers have sung 500 first names to be selected by fans buying her latest song "Public Affair." Selling at $1.99, Ms. Simpson's "Custom Cuts" is the first of its kind for Yahoo's digital music download service. Fans can visit the Yahoo website and select their own names to be inserted into the download during the song's second verse.

Ms. Simpson may have lost her voice, but that didn't stop her from throwing a rollerskating party to celebrate the release of A Public Affair (with obvious help from Yahoo). Of course BFF Ken was right by her side helping her stay up on her skates. Guess she's not as good at skating as she appears to be in her video for the first single. A ton more pics of Jess having a blast at her party and making some really weird faces to show off for the cameras so