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demeter demeter 9 years
I think she looks beautiful and happy.
ElectroPopTart ElectroPopTart 9 years
Jess, girl, PLEASE, tone it DOWN a little.
angelinemarie angelinemarie 9 years
she looks uber-gorgeous!
PinkNC PinkNC 9 years
Thank you friend....and we all know it's true about her actions. I did not want to watch that DVD set when a friend bought it for me, but I had too for certain reasons. And it surely clued me in on a lot when it came to the both of them. And Happy Valentines Day too you Woop :)
Woop Woop 9 years
Daaaaaang PinkNC! Awesome post! :notworthy: :notworthy:
erinmarie erinmarie 9 years
i love her jeans!! i think she looks so cute!!
XpsX XpsX 9 years
why do i always remember her a little over weighted? she looks sooooooo good now
kurniakasih kurniakasih 9 years
She's purdy. I don't like the white oversized cardigan though.
katie_c katie_c 9 years
i noticed that too about her wearing her jeans over her shoes--drives me bonkers!
creepupmytee creepupmytee 9 years
blah blah blah!
PinkNC PinkNC 9 years
Hi Pinkprincess* It's great to see all of you again. And I don't love Jess, but I do wish her happiness too. And I do hope Jessica has grown up a lot since the old days. It's looks like she has. But Jessica still gets too much attention for not doing too much.
SpicyMe SpicyMe 9 years
She's nothing more than a professional girlfriend. She's Lame!
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
happy valentines day pinknc, damn you go girl, still love jess and tony GO COWBOYS GO
PinkNC PinkNC 9 years
Whoopsie :) now out of all that written up there I mispelled one thing. I meant that Nick "Did NOT" act as if he noticed Jessica agreeing with the whole "revenge & vendetta" comment. Oh, and Happy Valentines Day ladies :)
PinkNC PinkNC 9 years
Oh good grief, I’ve been out of town on business and away from Pop Sugar for 2 weeks, and the first thing I see when I get back here & sign in, is this chick on the front page for Valentines Day. I wish Jessica happiness, as I would for anyone else. But why always bring up the Newlyweds Pop? The first time around on Valentines Day, I saw Nick catering to this chick while she gave him something not as worthy as his gift to her. Even on their second time around on Valentines Day, when Nick decided to back off all the expensive gifts, he still put more thought into his gifts for than Jessica did for him. For under $20 Nick gave a Valentines Day to remember. If I remember correctly Nick gave her a homemade card with his own personal thoughts written down inside of it, and his words sounded very loving to Jessica as he spoke about his future with her. Jessica acted genuinely shocked that he mentioned the future, as if she already new it was about to be over soon AND so did he…but obviously Nick honestly didn’t know. I think Jessica told on herself at that very moment and Nick never noticed because of his love for her. That part made me sick to watch. Nick also search “long and hard” for the video of their engagement, which I take it that they hadn’t seen in a long time because he couldn’t locate it for a while. The way that they both went about changing their V-Day for that year, should have been Jessica’s opportunity to show Nick that she not only appreciated him, but that she could honestly do for him with very little money, and show how much thought she could put into physical doing something for him that would make him smile even in the years to come. But Jessica instead used it to embarrass Nick. Jessica put no thought behind her gift to Nick, except “revenge and vendetta” I believe were the words that Nick stated, and Jessica agreed with him while sitting right next to him. Of course Nick acted like he did notice that one too. Now I say that to say this one...stop bring up the Newlyweds past like it was all that great on BOTH their behalf’s. And I as well would like to say that I hope Tony gets a better thoughtful gift out of Jessica than she did with her own husband. If Jessica cannot think of her own husband, who she is supposed to love & respect – and show him that she’s thinking of him more than her own self on Valentines Day, then what in the world does this chick sadly do for the other men in her life on that day?
romes romes 9 years
The question is whether she and Romo are in the same city today. They left on different days on different flights. I was a fan but now she's too annoying and desperate for attention.
loveallstar loveallstar 9 years
this is the cutest pic of her I've seen in awhile.Im sure she'll have a nice valentines:)
RaCheer RaCheer 9 years
Her jeans are always too long!
i love that outfit, especially those jeans. that purse is HUGE. i would have everything i own in it
DreaAST DreaAST 9 years
LOVE HER!!!! I like how she wears her jeans as well. This is a very cute outfit!!! I wish I had a Ken who could make my hair look like this :)
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
love her she looks so hott
berrymix berrymix 9 years
i loved her back in her Newlywed days also. now, i just can't stand her.
Betsy-Gilfillan Betsy-Gilfillan 9 years
i have those william rast jeans! they're so fabulous & form fitting...i suggest you all make them your mid-winter splurge :o)
vireland vireland 9 years
A lot of people wear there jeans that way..I just couldn't get away with it here in the winter weather of New England. Anyway I think she looks good.
Betty7 Betty7 9 years
I think she looks really pretty here. Somethings different... maybe she's not pushing out her lips to make them look more pouty so she looks more natural.
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