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Jessica Simpson Has a Meltdown on Stage in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Jessica Simpson Could Use a Hug

Jessica Simpson has been keeping her head held high despite all the recent drama surrounding her figure, but last night the pressure seemed to get to her. She had a hard time performing in Michigan, including stopping in the middle of songs for water and forgetting the lyrics. Jessica also said she wished she could just walk off the stage and apparently was visibly upset at the end of the set — poor Jess. The fact that Tony wasn't in the audience may have been part of the problem — he was expected to be the in crowd, but Jessica told her fans that she wouldn't be seeing him until today. Either way, it sounds like the singer could use a weekend with her man to take her mind off things, and maybe thinking back to how happy she was when they first met would help cheer her up.

The Grand Rapids Press

To see clips from her performance just


hotsytotsy hotsytotsy 8 years
I would never pay good money to see Jessica Simpson. This wasn't an off night for Chestica. Chestica has forgotten the words to her songs at a few concerts on her tour. What sucks is bad performers are not held accountable for putting on a bad performance, which is Jessica's nature. She still gets the money whether she performs well or not. She is the most unprofessional singer I have ever seen. Good singers would put on a good show no matter how bad they felt. Not Jessica the drama queen. Rehearse and practice Jessica, every good singer does. I guess that is why she will always suck as a singer
pinklady8287 pinklady8287 8 years
I love her voice, but her songs are so bad! Completely unoriginal!
Cuppitycake Cuppitycake 8 years
Boo hoo hoo! I'm sick of her whining and crying! She needs to stop eating chili, stop "belting" and calling it "singing" and get herself on some Prozac. She is so miserable with herself....and didn't Tony supposedly cheat on her last weekend? I read that, you never know with these tabs though....
tifygodess24 tifygodess24 8 years
Just one more reason why she needs to fade away into the shadows...
skyfire444 skyfire444 8 years
I didn't see anything bad in the videos-not about her looks or her singing. I've never been a fan of her voice, but I think here she sounded quite good!
GMarie GMarie 8 years
I think most of us would find it upsetting to be criticized by one person about our weight, nevermind being ripped apart by half the country and even having the President know you've gained a few. It's utterly ridiculous that anyone, even a mediocre singer, should be held to this completely unrealistic goal of physical perfection. She's lovely to look at, even with a few pounds extra, and I find it unseemly the way she's being hounded.
ekrub ekrub 8 years
I never bought the "happiness = weight gain" theory anyway.
Imabeliever Imabeliever 8 years
Good grief. For someone who has been in the industry as long as she has.. she is completely unprofessional and green. It's ridiculous really.. I've seen singers/bands go on stage drunk/drugged and pull off a better performance. I think obscurity is seriously jonesin for Jessica...
MizCrystal MizCrystal 8 years
i think it has more to do with the nasty FAT fiasco & magazine covers that affected her! not tony romo...the first two weeks of her concerts he wasn't there and she sounded happy! jessica said tony would visit her by today... the media has to stop with all this fatty nonsense!!! poor jess :(
agostopr agostopr 8 years
I agree with tripas and renascencer comments haha
italianblonde italianblonde 8 years
Wow, she sounded pretty terrible.
Pepper Pepper 8 years
I've never been a fan but I still despise it when the media rips someone apart for gaining a couple of kilos. Who cares, as long as she's happy.
renascencern renascencern 8 years
Wow, this girl is milking it.
JessieSP JessieSP 8 years
I agree with crusaders comment, let the darn weight gain conversation go. It's already dying and should have NEVER been talked about as much as it has been already. As for Romes comment, why should Tony Romo have to rush to the media and satisfy them with an answer to any of their immature questions? I don't think that Tony's silence shows lack of care for Jessica. I think it shows that Tony is willing to overlook her weight gain because he loves Jessica like she is. To talk to the media means Tony wants to keep the unwanted topic of weight gain going and going and going. Unlike Jessica's ex-husband, Tony Romo knows when to speak. Tony's thinking smart about this one for his woman. So give me a break with that crap Romes.
cdelaney cdelaney 8 years
i feel bad that i don't really feel bad for her. she has ridden her ride out for an exceptionally long time considering her lack of talent. go away.
trippa trippa 8 years
She could use a brain or some talent. Unprofessional, I don't feel sorry for an untalented attention whore that talks about her "boyfriend" all the time. She is 28! Grow up and go away tranny
Miss-Stephanie Miss-Stephanie 8 years
RE:Comment #10- THATS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING! weight gain? check. extremely emotional/sensitive? check! ...though both don't necessarily mean anything.
joecer49123 joecer49123 8 years
She did it singing for Dolly Parton. Any other profession and she'd be fired. I couldn't care less about her weight. There are singers bigger than her and no one cares because they sing well and entertain as they should for so much money. She needs to sing coffeehouses and juke-joints if she's going to perform at that level.
Joygirl Joygirl 8 years
Part of me feels bad for her, even if I can't stand her. But you know what they say, if you can't stand the heat...
merewelch214 merewelch214 8 years
She also forgot the lyrics in at her Charlottesville, VA show...
flamingo9 flamingo9 8 years
I didn't notice anything wrong in the videos...
Lukin Lukin 8 years
Jessica seems like the epitome of a Debbie Downer.
crusaders crusaders 8 years
Not a fan of hers but this weight scandal should be let go!!
gossipcroc gossipcroc 8 years
She doesn't need a weekend with Tony. She needs a couple more months of rehearsal with her band. When you put in the work and practice, you can get through a tough night without the audience ever knowing. I am sick and tired of all the celebs who want fame and fortune without actually earning it. I think this is what eventually drove John Mayer away. She wanted to make records, but she never really did anything to become a better singer. Real musicians play every day.
Woop Woop 8 years
Man troubles? Stop letting men define you or your happiness, Jessica. Well, if you don't want to do that then just quit the spotlight and go throw yourself at Tony's feet. Make sure he's happy so he doesn't leave you. Oy.
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