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Jessica Turns Levine Away

Maybe Adam Levine is the the ladies man we all heard about. Apparently the singer tried to hang out with Jessica but she turned him away. Page Six reports:

MAROON 5 man-whore Adam Levine - who's been linked to Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton and Kirsten Dunst - tried to rekindle his romance with newly single Simpson Monday night, but was rebuffed. Simpson and pal Eva Mendes were having drinks at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood when Levine "came running over, pulled up a chair and insinuated himself into their conversation," our source says. Simpson, who allegedly had a fling with Levine while married to Nick Lachey, managed to make a speedy exit.

Either she does not want to be seen with him because of the past rumors, or she thinks he's lame since he has been known for running around with every young thing he can find. Either way, this news is a good PR spin for Jessica. Nice work evil Pimp Daddy Simpson.

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