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Jessica & Victoria - Meeting of the Minds

Jessica & Victoria - Meeting of the Minds

Jessica Simpson and Victoria Principal were caught in LA on a lunch date. I am guessing it has to do with research for the Dallas movie that Jessica really wants to be a part of. It could also be something to do with skincare since we know Jessica is a spokes person for Proactiv and Victoria has her own line that is supposedly a huge hit on QVC. I would not be surprised if Jessica wanted her own line since she puts her name on everything else.

I have a few questions for Jessica:
1. Why Ken Paves there?
2. Why were Jessica and Ken totally MIA at the Operation Smile event this weekend in NYC??? I thought these two were very active in the cause and it would have gotten a lot more press if they had shown up at the black tie auction. I'm baffled but maybe they had a good reason. I wonder if Jessica auctioned off her wedding ring as RUMORED. I hope that's not true and I would loose so much respect for her even it was for a good cause. A couple more pics of the trio so read more


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