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Jessica wins this round

I am constantly comparing the poptarts out there and while Britney used to rule the category, recently Jessica has blown her away. While we watch Britney everyday get coffee and grow into a mommy-to-be, we see Jessica getting hotter and hotter. In her first movie debut this summer Jessica (who supposedly beat out Britney for the role of Daily Duke) will be on a huge screen in short shorts.

Ted Casablanca's Awful Truth reports that the, "Folks in Hell-Ay County haven't seen a music-video shoot this hot since, well, never... Jess-poo spent most of day one of this grueling two-day shoot washing cars--specifically the General Lee ride from the actual Dukes set. I mean, ferget Paris and her bony butt and that boring Bentley. Flaunting a de-lish bikini (she actually wore boots and butt-crack-flossing Daisy Dukes the next day), Ms. S. busted out the soap 'n' hose without a care in the wet T-shirt world. She got sudsy. Very sudsy. The boys got hot. All effin' over. In fact, one of them quietly panted: "Dude, this is way sexier than anything Britney Spears has ever done."

Hear that Britney?

Here's a picture of Jess on the set taking a break and reaching out to friends with her sidekick.

As for the mess with the divorce announcement and then apology from E! Online, there are still rumors running rapid about what is really going on with the Newlyweds. Perez Hilton is getting random emails saying the official divorce announcement is coming and Dana's Dirt says her sources say it's all a PR thing for Nick's career - something that Jess was going along with to make her man more than just the husband, but then it got out of control. Oh the drama!

By the way, here's a photo of the couple from earlier today acting all lovey-dovey.

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