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Joe Insults Taylor in "Much Better" — Unforgivable or Understandable?

The Jonas Brothers new album comes out June 16, and one song in particular is already getting attention. The lyrics in "Much Better" have some not-so-subtle references to Taylor Swift including: "And all the tears on her guitar / I'm not bitter / But now I see / Everything I'd ever need / Is the girl in front of me / She's much better." Taylor openly spoke about her split with Joe and even wrote a song about it, but he's the one that ended things and moved on with Camilla Belle. What do you think — are Joe's lyrics unforgivable or understandable?

Howard14959466 Howard14959466 4 years
Joe WHO?
annaa711 annaa711 6 years
this song is so immature. he broke up with her and she was heartbroken, he wasn't. while her song doesn't use names or lyrics like this one( and the tears on her guitar), she did blab all about it which is understandable in my eyes if he broke her heart i believe he honestly deserves it. and while Taylor Swift did pretty much envoke Joe Jonas with the doll video, this song is very immature even the lyrics say 'i wanna fight with you" so while i still love this song i'm gonna have to take Taylor Swift's side
Monique-Marie427757 Monique-Marie427757 7 years
It always amazed me in how people treat each other like garbage when they break up. Sure your feelings are going to be hurt and there will be anger but if you were together with that person, you shared good times with him or her. Why can't people just move on and just try to go on with their lives?
janinegandeza janinegandeza 8 years
taylor is a brilliant songwriter and singer, and she has proved it way too evident than the jo bros have, especially joe.. get it over with, joe. he says he's not bitter, but i think he is. and he compares her with another woman..what for? it's so lame. TEAM TAYLOR!!! :D
edwardnbella4evr edwardnbella4evr 8 years
It's totally understandable!!!I mean,she writes whole songs abuot him and he isn't aloud to say like 3 words about her?She is just a slut that overreacted about the break up.She needs to get over herself.She's a preppy drama queen and she NEVER deserved Joseph Adam Jonas.Words can't express my dislikng for that thing you call Taylor Swift.The worst insult I can come up with is Taylor Swift.That's worse than calling her any cuss word.She deserves every bit of hate that comes toward her.She dated Joe,it didn't work out,GET OVER IT!!!She acts like the reason Joe broke up with her could not have been about her.She had to blame it on Camilla.Like there is nothing that could possibly be wrong with her.*holds up a barbie doll* Ok,pretend this is Taylor Swift *shoves it down a garbage disposal*.If she can do it about Joe,I can do that about her.So HA
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