The 2009 Grammy winners kept things exciting backstage posing with their new statues last night. John Mayer is an old pro by now at posing with multiple Grammy Awards, while Carrie Underwood showed off a new dress to smile for the cameras with hers. Many of the winners were announced before the show, but it was still exciting for them to join the crowd of all the other recipients. MIA, whose baby decided to give her at least another day before giving birth, showed off lots of silly poses with her fiance Ben Brewer. Katy Perry had yet another pink dress — would this land on your best dressed? Paul McCartney can do what he wants, which includes wearing jeans to the biggest awards of the year for music.

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Images include: Adele, Al Green, Carrie Underwood, Estelle, John Mayer, Katy Perry, M.I.A., Ben Brewer, Natalie Cole, Paul McCartney,