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John Mayer's "Heartbreak Warfare" — Love It or Leave It?

John Mayer's "Heartbreak Warfare" — Love It or Leave It?

John Mayer took the opportunity to debut some new music on the Mayercraft Carrier this weekend. He's been hard at work on his album and debuted a song called "Heartbreak Warfare," which of course has people wondering if it's about recent ex Jennifer Aniston. Sample lyrics include:

"Once you want it to begin/No one really ever wins/In Heartbreak Warfare/If you want more love/why don't you say so?/If you want more love/why don't you say so?"

Jennifer isn't the only breakup he's had since his last album, but he had to know that the connection would be made. Check it out below and tell us: John Mayer's "Heartbreak Warfare" — love it or leave it?

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italianblonde italianblonde 8 years
Absolutely love it!! To me, John is in the 'can-do-no-wrong' musically category.
carmelapplepop8 carmelapplepop8 8 years
I loved this song since the minute he decided to sing it on the lido deck of the ship. He was so sincere every time he sang this song on the cruise that you couldn't help but fall in love all over again with him along with this new song. LOL. He is one of the best artists I have ever seen live and I can't wait to get back on that cruise again with him next year.
spaghetina spaghetina 8 years
I found a better version on youtube

Much, much clearer, and it's a pretty decent song. Melody is kind of strange, but I'm sure it'll grow on me.

snarkypants snarkypants 8 years
Harmonia Harmonia 8 years
Nice song..
TiKiBoo TiKiBoo 8 years
sad sweet song
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
I think it sounds good!
SUMMER285 SUMMER285 8 years
I love it and love him he's so hottttttttt
t-and-co t-and-co 8 years
Love it! He's one of my favorite songwriters. Amazing. Btw, I think most people see "cocky" and I just see sarcastic. He's freaking hysterical, and completely misinterpreted.
cfp cfp 8 years
As much as I hate him as a person, I had to put "Love It" because I can't deny that I like his music.
clew001 clew001 8 years
I like the song. I like his music...but I don't get the whole jen and john thing.
Stoned Stoned 8 years
I've always liked his music. I don't get why people hate him.
Audrey1974 Audrey1974 8 years
It's good...I liked "Half of my Heart" better, though. This guy is a genius songwriter!
No it wasn't very clear. I had my headphones on though so I heard pretty good. It was such a touching song.
luv2blazy luv2blazy 8 years
I couldn't get it to sound clear, oh well.
I love it. No matter who it was inspired by or if it was inspired by anyone at all. I know some people say his relationship with Aniston was fake but she brought him around friends and family, I know they mean alot to her, so maybe they had something we couldn't get. Its lovely song, very sweet. Touched me deeply. :cry:
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