Brad and Angelina were spotted enjoying another family outing, but where's little Shiloh? We wish they would bring her out to play more. Zahara is growing up so quickly and sure seems to love her Daddy. We're not so sure what's going on with Brad's headband - definitely not his best look. Brad is speaking out about their recent security guard headlines where apparently they were using racial slurs and attacking parents at an Indian school where Angelina was filming. Here's more:

"This is not what Angelina and I wanted," Brad Pitt told NDTV's Barkha Dutt in an interview scheduled to screen on the Indian network tomorrow night. "This contradicts the message of the film we are trying to make.

"Angelina and I have a multi-racial family, we want them to respect and understand different religions," he added.

"Maybe we should have explained our intentions when we first got here. We would not hire anyone who is racist or who would hurt or push a child," Pitt said.

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