Jonathan Rhys Meyers Heats Up The Tudors Again
Jonathan Rhys Meyers Heats Up The Tudors Again

Jonathan Rhys Meyers was a spunky and handsome addition to yesterday's Showtime TCA event to meander through the next season of The Tudors. While Buzz has the info about his relationship with Joss Stone plus other tidbits from the day's panels, here's what Jonathan had to say about playing the famous character and what sex scenes are like:

  • On whether he'll gain weight like Henry VIII: "No. I’m not going to turn into the Holbein painting. . . I played it my way. I could have put on the red hair and gained the weight but it’s already done. I’m not that guy. This is not that show. . . We wanted to make something with the exciting backdrop but it's entertainment, it’s television. . .We have to play with history a little bit. I had to play him my way."
  • On love then vs. now: "Marriage was a commercial venture rather than a love thing. You married and you had children because children brought you heirs and security for your legacy. . . Usually they were arranged for commercial, political and state value and occasionally a love match was found."
  • On being comfortable with his love scenes: "Very comfortable. There are worse things you could do with yourself on a rainy Tuesday morning in Dublin than hop in bed with [these ladies]."

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