The Black Dahlia opened at the Venice Film Festival last night and Josh and Scarlett are doing a great job of pretending they are not together. The couple posed at a press conference earlier that day and at the premiere with cast members in between them. They also walked the red carpet separately. We know they are still together, but perhaps they don't want their personal lives to overshadow the film. Besides, there is a super steamy sex scene between them in the movie. Even reporters asked if they thought it would be distracting. Here's more:

Earlier in the day at a press conference, Johansson was asked if she thought her scene of passion with Hartnett might prove too distracting for viewers.

“Of course it’s nice to be considered sexy as a young woman in my prime, I guess,” she said, evading the question. “I try not to think about sexiness or sexy scenes.”

I guess we'll all get a glimpse of their real life when we see that steamy scene in a few weeks. In the meantime, check out more pics of beautiful Scarlett and the gang so