Isn't it interesting that the night before Jude Law's premiere for his latest movie, Breaking and Entering his ex-wife and children were actually robbed. Scary but true. Luckily everyone was OK but it sure made for a great story for Jude while promoting the film. Here's more:

The day before his latest premiere, the London house of Law's ex-wife Sadie Frost was burgled while she and her children were asleep.

Thieves are thought to have entered Frost's house in Primrose Hill between midnight and 0800 BST on Thursday.

They made off with Frost's Range Rover which was parked outside after taking the keys from the house.

Asked about the burglary, Law said: "I was particularly worried because the kids were in the house, and I think that is a very different type of burglar to one that breaks into empty offices and takes computers at night."

Looks like it's just another reason for Jude to complain that he is broke. Check out more pics of Jude in all black in London so