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Judge Awards Britney Spears' Father Jamie Control, Restraining Order Against Sam

Judge Awards Brit's Dad Control, Restraining Order Against Sam

As an overwhelming majority of you seemed to think is the right call, this afternoon the judge named Britney Spears' father, Jamie, as her legal guardian. This means he has control over her assets and legal matters. Jamie shares the responsibility with lawyer Andrew Wallet, so as to have an unbiased independent party involved. This ruling is only temporary and will be reevaluated at a hearing on Monday.

The other upshot from today's hearing is a restraining order against "someone" to stay away from Britney. While it's not explicitly stated, the person in question is Sam Lutfi. The order lasts 22 days after which Britney's parents (assuming they're still in charge) can make it indefinite. Considering he was calling her family "crazy" just this morning, methinks he'll have an angry thing or two to say about all this.


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Alisha_Stiletto Alisha_Stiletto 9 years
And "Wow" at all the chicks in here writing 3 page responses about Brit. Way to take her life to heart gals. LOL I dont think any of this is a sign of people having her back, I think its a sign of a tug of war for her money about to start. Smells like Macaulay Culkin's family to me. Meh.
Alisha_Stiletto Alisha_Stiletto 9 years
The best comment evar? "She needs God, she cant change without God, she will NEVER be happy without God." lmao
SmuttyPop SmuttyPop 9 years
@AntoniaC, sometimes a person in need cannot tell she or he needs help. That is why we have the laws in place to help someone get the help they need. I seriously doubt if she has been diagnosed with a condition, they did not find anything wrong with her the first time and I'm pretty sure nothing has changed. She probably needs more counseling than "treatment", I guess forcing her into a place where she can receive the help she needs was all her family could do. Also I believed she consented to the extra 14 days. Being a young divorcee, trust me when I say that weighs on you heavily, maybe harder than an older person. Especially being in the public eye makes it one hundred times worse and from rumors Mr. Federline was a complete asshole. She probably feels like a failure ( I know I did for awhile after my divorce) and on top of that she felt used, maybe not loved at all in that relationship.
SmuttyPop SmuttyPop 9 years
Thank Goodness, this poor woman has been surrounded by people who don't care about her and have been using her, no wonder she's been behaving erratically. Hopefully, being surrounded by loved ones and getting counseling for the issues she had been holding in, she'll emerge a new and better person. A divorce so young can have a negative affect on anybody, especially from a user like Kevin Federline. Poor thing probably been walking around numb for the past couple years. God bless her and I hope she pulls through stronger.
Sumrlyn26 Sumrlyn26 9 years
Britney is such a Talented gifted young person but right now she really needs to take a LONG break away from Hollywood, LA, Sin City, New York. She needs to escape to an unknown place and take time to get herself together and deal with whatever mental problems she may be suffering. (Depression, stress, anxiety etc,..) I hope she get's better soon for the sake of her adorable little boys. Britney you are strong enough to get through all this and one day soon I know you'll see right through all those people who are taking advantage of you! Starting with Adnan! He's a Loser!
emmae emmae 9 years
Prehaps everyone will stop hating her now shes been sectioned it explains why she hasnt seemed to be such a good mother etc she just needed medical help and a bit of understanding noones perfect and she has been really ill
Fancy04 Fancy04 9 years
Get well soon Brit.
Trio3 Trio3 9 years
It's like a bad accident that you can't take your eyes off of...If we all just left her alone, she, her kids, her family would be so much better off, maybe the paps would lay off a bit. Glad to hear her parents are getting involved.
AntoniaC AntoniaC 9 years
opps meant man's body*
AntoniaC AntoniaC 9 years
Most doctors are more then happy to give out a diagnosis these days. They are even more happy to give you dozens of pills to counter said condition even if you disagree with the diagnosis. Sadly many people in this country are forceably committed every year and drugged against their will. You can try to argue all day this is nesscary because people won't seek help but don't we have the personal freedom to seek help when we want it? Do we have the freedom to say no to the doctors and their drugs? According to many of you we don't. We have to accept what we are told and do what they say. I believe a man's (or woman's) is their own. No one should be held without their consent and drugged. If they are hurting others they should be locked up. If they are hurting themselves there isn't much to be done for it. You have the freedom to make stupid choices. That's how life should work.
Woop Woop 9 years
In a time of public figure truthiness and spin, I'm still suspicious enough not to buy into the bipolar talk. Call me callous, cynical, heartless, whatever but I don't apologize one bit. So what if TMZ is quoting sources inside the Spears camp that she's been diagnosed as bipolar? I have my theory of "preemptive damage control" but I won't get into it except to say that I suspect a bipolar diagnosis happy doctor may have been sought out. Of course, we'll see. If she improves, more power to her to get better. However, here's something sad to consider if she isn't bipolar: now that people are absolutely convinced Britney is bipolar, she may be in for a lifetime of people trying to shove meds down her throat she may not even need. IF she doesn't improve with meds, no one may ever consider she has something not treatable with meds (like narcissistic or histrionic p.d. or just straight up drug addiction). They'd just continue with stronger meds and different combos of meds. Would a doctor really admit they misdiagnosed a famous patient? Being involuntarily committed is scary too. What if you say you don't think the meds work or they're not what you need but you've been determined to be unable to decide that for yourself?
Ginger Ginger 9 years
Woop, that same ID posts at x17 a lot, but I haven't yet found any big scoop they announced that panned out, so time will tell. Although I didn't see them say anything that proved to be wrong either. The tabloids claim Britney's family and "friends" say she's bi-polar, but really, they could say anything and nobody can prove it wrong because of privacy laws. So unless it shows up on a court doc, like some of the other things we really know about her, I'll keep an open mind to the possibilities.
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 9 years
BTW - did anyone else see how she was diagnosed with BIPOLAR DISORDER. Finally. Now everyone can stop having that BORING argument about her not being bipolar and just being selfish.
vxgirlxv vxgirlxv 9 years
Finally!! Maybe now Brittany will actually get the help that she needs! Guess its time for Sam to find another Sugar Mama. What a loser scumbag that guy is...
Woop Woop 9 years
Oooh, Ginger, I just saw this story. Not surprising. Gosh, i just wonder who could it be...:ponder: Anyhoo, I was over at dlisted and someone posting under the name of "Daughter of Jive Exec" wrote: "A Jive exec was contacted by a lawyer and a private investigator. Apparently, the Speas' are going after Lufti full force. My sources are telling me that Britneys parents and their lawyers have noticed at least $150,000 missing from britneys accounts. Britneys Black am/ex card has a cadaliac escalade charged to it as well as furniture,clothing,and other items that cant be accounted for. All fingers at this time are pointing to Sam Lufti. It looks like he signed things without authority. I have more...will post later. This is going to get nasty fast. CAn you say jail time and civil suit Mr. better learn how" Who knows if this is true BUT it's still juicy stuff! I hope they catch Sam up to no good. :evil:
Ginger Ginger 9 years
This doesn't surprise me: The Los Angeles Police Department was called to the Beverly Hills home of Britney Spears Friday after her parents discovered valuable possessions belonging to the singer were missing, a source close to the singer tells After Spears' father Jamie won legal control over his daughter at an emergency hearing Friday, he and ex-wife Lynne returned to the house "shocked" to find valuable items of their daughter's "had been stolen," the source says. They called police and filed a report. Spears' parents believe that items were taken after their daughter was taken to the UCLA Medical Center early Thursday morning.
steffiemac steffiemac 9 years
This thing with Britney keeps getting crazier and crazier. I have to say though, it's about time!!!!!
Nyrina-Windu Nyrina-Windu 9 years
I don't like her parents either but I'm happy the judge ruled that way.
eastcoastgirl eastcoastgirl 9 years
I hope she gets the help she needs,it really breaks my heart to see someone in so much pain.Blessings to her for a better tommorow.
AntoniaC AntoniaC 9 years
If you believe Crapney's issues are done because Sam is gone you are very wrong. I'm quite sure her parents are just as willing to swindle her as sam is.
shafiii shafiii 9 years
its really sad that a woman her age cant take care of herself & cant take care of her own assets.
ariyana_anthony ariyana_anthony 9 years
so it means the WHOLE BRIT SUTFF will be finihsed?! i hope she stays in hospital FOR GOOD!so we dont hear no more bout her!
Kitten98 Kitten98 9 years
The walls are closing in on Sam. You can fully expect him to panic and sell every dirty little secret he knows about first Brit's parents and then when he's certain he's locked out of Brit's life (and money) forever, he'll sell her out too. PIG
exyank exyank 9 years
This is the fourth restraining order Osama Lufti has against him. He's got a documented history of controlling behaviour that turns nasty, vindictive, and retaliatory when he's crossed. And guess what, he's true to form now, as well, with all his badmouthing of her parents. He's also almost certainly the source who reported what she was saying on the phone at the hospital (about how furious she was that her father had been granted conservatorship). It's only a matter of time before he's selling all kinds of crap, including her diaries (he already tried to sell those last year), photographs, all all sorts of sordid information. He's also probably the one who encouraged Britney to cut off her parents after they convinced her to go into rehab. She's not in her right mind and hasn't been for some time; I believe he was deliberately playing on that and encouraging her paranoia and other delusions. I don't wish death on him or anyone else, but the world would not be a worse place without Osama Lufti in it.
Ginger Ginger 9 years
Because that one person is not able to take care of their own affairs, and there are ill-willed people who would be happy to take advantage of her vulnerability to bleed her bank accounts dry and sell her out to tabloids. For all of her parental issues, at least nobody can dispute that they want her to live and be sane. The first solid reference I recall of Sam is when he tried to dodge the process server and dented up their car, back in late August. He must have been around for awhile at that point, because that's why they were serving him. Supposedly he set up Alli's website. Her domain was purchased in early June 2007.
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