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Just Leave Brad and Angelina Alone

It must be hard to be left alone when your posing with NBC's Ann Curry and locals from Namibia however, the couple are requested just that. They have also supposedly sold the exclusive first pics of baby Jolie-Pitt.

Angelina and Brad issued a statement expressing their love for the country and thanking the locals for being "so kind and gracious." Then they requested to be left alone and have some privacy. The Prime Minister has backed them by saying they should not have their picture taken and that it is considered harassment which is not allowed in their country. You know he is so psyched they have chosen their country to have their child.

In fact, the South Africa's Sunday Time reports that "Jolie has also reportedly given exclusive rights to the first pictures of her and Pitt’s baby to People magazine. In exchange, the magazine will donate $3.5-million to Unicef." We knew People would land these pics and it's no surprise they are donating the money but WOW $3.5 million - I wonder how true that number is.


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