How does Justin Bieber deal with his problems? He just dances it out. The singer took to Instagram yesterday to post two videos of himself dancing to John Legend's "Ordinary People" with his kinda-sorta-maybe-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. The pair performed a sensual dance together, but, aside from wrapping her legs around Justin at one point, there were no obvious signs of non-choreographed PDA. (The video has since been taken down by Justin, but fans captured the videos before they were removed.)

Justin's dance with Selena came just hours after his deposition videos went viral. The videos, which were recorded last Thursday for a civil lawsuit between Justin and a photographer, showed the young pop star acting bratty, cursing and talking rudely to a court reporter and a lawyer, and, at one point, nearly breaking down when asked about his on-again, off-again relationships with Selena. After his deposition, Justin flew to Texas where he met up with Selena, and the pair reportedly started kissing and hugging in public. Later, Justin headed to SXSW where he took part in a low-key artist showcase and dedicated a song to his "baby." Judging by this video and the PDA reports, we'll go ahead and assume that he's talking about Selena.