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Justin and Cameron Together or Not?

Justin has been in NYC filming with Ellen and visiting children in hospitals like a good boy. Now reports are surfacing that JT was getting SexyBack without Cameron. Page Six reports:

Sorry had to remove image - here's another one of her shopping to prepare for her trip - trust us, she's there.

One pal said, "He had a listening party at G-Spa Monday night, and his eyes were wandering. He has not talked about her at all and comes off like a single guy. He is obsessed with his CD and not into having a girlfriend right now."

Not sure I buy it. I think these two have faced a lot of bad press recently, but he seems to be into her and they did just buy a house for over $20 million in Hawaii. Besides, here is Cameron landing in the Hamptons probably getting ready to spend her birthday with her man who was already on the east coast. Happy Birthday Cameron!


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